Saekson Or. Kwanmuang vs. Petpenomrung Wor Saengprapai


This bout took place a couple of weeks ago.  Saekson (red) 128lb vs. Petpenomrung 130lbs, this is a classic fee-muh vs. brawler matchup.  I love watching brawlers, and Saekson loves to bring it.  Let’s see how he gets on with a very technical and tricky Petpenomrung.

Thanks to NakKlebe for the upload.


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  1. Sorry but Saekson hasn’t got nothing on Petpanomrung! Petpanomrung is on a completely different level. I trained beside petpanomrung for this fight and he trained very hard. Very tricky indeed and I believe is one of the best p4p Muaythai fighters at the moment.

  2. Yeah, Petpanomrung made Saeksan look like a scrub. He is awesomely skilled.

    Petpanomrung vs Kongsak on June 7th for Lumpini super featherweight title. That will be awesome.

  3. @Joshua: footage!
    @Fimeu: yeah awsome match-up, i would put my money on Petpanomrung, looks like he gains the more skills the more he fights, and Kongsak is not the same since his Sanchai experience.
    On the same card of Petpanomrung vs Kongsak there will be Pokaew vs Petmorakot (my money on Pokaew), Mondam vs Superlek (my money on Mondam), Nong-O vs Petboonchu (my money on Nong-O), Singdam vs Fahmongkol (my money on Singdam) and Saenchai vs Yodvicha (i donnow)

    • Yeah I will put up some footage soon but I have to take a session off because I am usually training whilst he is and I don’t trust one of the kids with my camera lol its not like one of those camps in Bangkok.

      And I agree with most of your predication’s but my moneys on Superlek for the fight against Mondam. And also Petboonchu to win against Nong-O. Many people don’t like Petboonchu’s style but you have to admit that its bloody effective! I don’t really like Yodvicha that much especially after his fight with Petboonchu where it was obvious that Petboonchu won!

      I was even speaking to the owner of FA Group on Facebook about training prices for when I come back down to Bangkok and he was asking me about Singdam since Singdam was fighting Petchboonchu in a few weeks. It was a day after Petboonchus lost to Yodvicha and he basically said the only reason Petboonchu lost was because the gamblers wanted Yodvicha to fight Saenchai! That opened my eyes a lot and showed me there is a lot of corruption with some of the fights in Thailand. And if you don’t believe me watch that fight again. The gamblers are blowing up this Yodvicha kid too much. I actually don’t think he is anything special and Petboonchu gave him a lesson in the clinch! The dislikes says it all:

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