Rungravee Sasiprapa vs. Steve JittiGym


This bout took place a couple of weeks ago, it was part of the Muay Thai Warriors show.  I posted Sanchai’s fight…  Steve Jittigym is Steve Meleady, an Irish Muay Thai Champion.  He’s recently edged his way into the top 10 rankings in Lumpinee… He’s currently ranked 9th, which is quite the achievement considering who else is in the super feather weight top 10.  You’ve got (Jomthong, Kongsak, Pakorn Wanchalerm et al.)  ouch…

Here he is with the “Angry One” Rungravee….  If you watch Rungravee’s expression at the very end of the video, you’ll see he’s in pain, I think he suffered two broken or cracked ribs from this bout.


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  1. Well that was a bad matchup. Rungravee is a very move forward and bully type of fighter, but steve is way too big to bully and has enough Muay Thai skill to fight back and go strike for strike. I guess giving up weight didn’t work in the Thai’s favor this time. Good fight to steve, and respect to Rungravee for fighting such a big dude, though i have a feeling his camp probably thought steve was just another ‘big for nothing’ farang. can’t judge every book by it’s cover i guess!

    • I’d imagine alot of less westernized or country Thais might be scared or in awe of steve! His complexion and hair is so pale, and red. I remember seeing some Thais out in the country make such a big deal about an african guy’s pitch black skin, poked at him and treated him like an alien or something.

      • This actually happened to me all the time in Taiwan. My hair is redder than Steve’s and my skin is about the same. Random people would touch me in public. Occasionally, people would carry on about how it must be fake hair before they realized I could understand Chinese.

      • According to the commentary, Rungravee is giving up weight. Who knows how much… I don’t think they gave Steve a chance in hell (including me) and he came out and shocked’em

    • Yeah rungravee definitely won on points by a close margin. He managed to hold in his pain long enough for the final bell to ring, very tough man. He immediately couldn’t take it by the time the fight was over and the adrenaline started wearing off slightly.

  2. meleady usually fights at 130-132 which i think this fight was at but hes fought at 126-127 before when hes pushed himself so not too much of a weight difference..hes a great guy works hard and desrves being ranked. well pleased for him

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