Punchtown SPR Thai Gloves


Our friends over at martialartsupplies.com sent me some gloves recently. They sent me some of their Punchtown SPR Thai gloves. I used the gloves regularly for about three weeks to get a good feel for them.


Initially I thought the gloves were a little small on my hands (I have normal sized hands) but as I wore them in they fit a bit better.  That said I think the gloves would be best on people’s whose hands are smaller and or women. The finger rail was initially a little hard to hold but again as they broke in it became more comfortable. The innards are pretty comfortable and the cushioning is solid without being excessive.


The leather of the gloves is pretty soft and maleable. The gloves are being advertised as being particularly good for clinch work which makes sense. The flap and velcro are pretty simple and easy to use. Throughout the three weeks that I’ve used them they’ve retained that new leather smell of a new pair of gloves.



The design is where the gloves are set apart as the backs have the skeletal outlines of hands with the palm and foreknuckle area are inscribed in Thai. The forefinger area says “Don’t back down,” while the palm says “Fight.” The wristband says “Punchtown” which is a bit boring but the Thai writing aspect is pretty neat.


The gloves are actually pretty decent. While initially a little small they do break in and are better once well used.  At $80 a pair they are in the middle of the pricing pyramid. They are a good purchase if you’re looking for something easy, maleable, and well designed.


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