PSA no. 2


I posted my first PSA months ago, about the Thai ladies and their proficiency with a blade… A friend of mine sent this to me the other day.  I haven’t been on this before, but it looks like a training journal of a guy who’s gone to train in Muang Thai.

I forget that people often get into trouble when their out training in Thailand.  I’m not down with the whole sex tourism thing… not my bag.  I see way too many guys who’ll walk around leering at every woman like they were for sale.

I’ve all too common to see guys unknowingly hand in hand with lady boys.  Actually that’s a huge assumption; maybe they’re in to Lady Boys.  It does take some considerable practice to hone your lady boy radar.    Some of the hottest women I’ve seen in Thailand are lady boys.  The author of the post has put together some pointers for those who might be out an about in BKK.

One of my best friends in Bangkok had a cousin come out and visit him.  His cousin got lit somewhere around patpong… they caught up the next morning and his cousin had hooked up with a bar girl.  Eager to boast about last nights score he dragged my buddy out to find her at the bar.  My buddy didn’t have the heart to say anything… althought he’s still curious how far his cousin had actually gone.  Yikes…


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