PSA no. 2


I posted my first PSA months ago, about the Thai ladies and their proficiency with a blade… A friend of mine sent this to me the other day.  I haven’t been on this before, but it looks like a training journal of a guy who’s gone to train in Muang Thai.

I forget that people often get into trouble when their out training in Thailand.  I’m not down with the whole sex tourism thing… not my bag.  I see way too many guys who’ll walk around leering at every woman like they were for sale.

I’ve all too common to see guys unknowingly hand in hand with lady boys.  Actually that’s a huge assumption; maybe they’re in to Lady Boys.  It does take some considerable practice to hone your lady boy radar.    Some of the hottest women I’ve seen in Thailand are lady boys.  The author of the post has put together some pointers for those who might be out an about in BKK.

One of my best friends in Bangkok had a cousin come out and visit him.  His cousin got lit somewhere around patpong… they caught up the next morning and his cousin had hooked up with a bar girl.  Eager to boast about last nights score he dragged my buddy out to find her at the bar.  My buddy didn’t have the heart to say anything… althought he’s still curious how far his cousin had actually gone.  Yikes…


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  1. This guy is ridiculous! His tips for picking out ladyboys (a useful skill for sure) are atrocious. You kids should also read up on his encounter with the pattaya working girl. Oh man what a sap.

  2. I am from New York City and now train at Tiger Muay Thai. Being from NYC my Ladyboy radar is pretty good but there have been times that have made me look more then twice lol. luckly now i have a training partner that is a ladyboy so when we go out to party he gives me the heads up :P

  3. Gusnark aka Sandjora on

    The article says, how to detect a tranny, where one the pointers is:
    “If they have a bigger cock than you!”
    Now that’s funny, lol.

    I have to agree with matt though. These pointers are lame.

  4. Great post. Alot of ignorant men goto Thailand and wind up screwing ladyboys thinking they are finally gonna get a girlfriend after being lonely and often times rejected by their native females. I think it is very pathetic. Not just on the part of the lonely perverts but the sluts who will f*ck anything with $100. They really give beautiful intelligent graceful Thai women a bad name and stereotype.

    You might have heard People calling Loog Krueng(Half bloods) GoGo babies. This pertains to the children of those lonely introverted lame whitebread ass guys and the dirty go-go sluts who will bear their lame children.

    If their Father is the Khun Thai(Thai Citizen) and mother is foreign this categorizes them as “Loog Krueng” or Half Thai (half child) automatically. You will find often times when a Khun Thai finds out that someone is Half(Thai) they will undoubtedly ask “Who is Thai, mom or dad?”.

  5. P.s. The two women in the background look more like real women than the one in the foreground. There is just something in the face or eyes of the ladyboy. DEE DEE NA!! 555+ salaam

  6. I’ve read the guys journal before. It’s one thing to pay a hoe for sex, it’s a completely different thing to move in and live with one!!! He isn’t my idea of a smart guy with discipline. Wtf!!??? Of course she’s just after your money!!!

  7. “This pertains to the children of those lonely introverted lame whitebread ass guys and the dirty go-go sluts who will bear their lame children.”

    So the children are lame for their accident of birth? I would rather, LorKoteKote, you shove your uneducated prejudices where the sun don’t shine.

    “You will find often times when a Khun Thai finds out that someone is Half(Thai) they will undoubtedly ask “Who is Thai, mom or dad?”

    That’s exactly the kind of Khun Thai or whatever son of a bitch I wouldn’t mind knocking a couple of teeth out of on the street, on the spot, if I saw it asking a question like that of a child.

    “but the sluts who will f*ck anything with $100”

    Amazing insight into what drives prostitution in South East Asia. Hint: its not the lack of intelligence, beauty or grace.

  8. Wow Interesting posts about mixed-babies.

    I’m half Filipino and it seems that the “half-breeds” in the Philippines get more praise than usual no matter what the Mother or Father is. It is actually somewhat annoying being treated so well just because one of my parents are American.

    Perhaps it is a cultural thing with the Thais, Thailand is just a couple neighbors away from India where historically the caste system was in effect. That might explain how one could easily be judged by their birth circumstances.

  9. Mestiso ka pala, Tibun. haha

    tong po, I can’t give you a definitive answer, but since I’m from Southeast Asia, I have a better idea of how Southeast Asian women should look. That person in the picture does not look right. I dunno if foreigners would want to bang that thing, but I wouldn’t go anywhere near her/him…

  10. I can tell you that for sure the person in the picture at the top has got or did have a cock… not that i know the person but i see its a guy… seen enough now i guess.
    the time i have spent in thailand i have noticed that half thais get treated very well by thai people… say even better than thai or ferang… just what i have seen…

  11. i’ve heard one guy say that the best way to tell a ladyboy (katoy) apart from an actualy woman is the size of the chest. He says all the ladyboys he knew had implants & all the real thai women he was friends with had naturally small chests.

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