Pornsaneh vs. singthongnoi

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Published on October 28, 2010 with 5 Comments

is turning out to be one of my favorite fighters. I got a chance to meet him briefly with Abs, Mike and the rest of the 13 coins a couple of months ago.

If you guys remember we posted his last fight back in March, which is probably still the fight of the year.  When I get back to Thailand in Dec, I’ll try to get an interview with him.

I’m not sure if there is history between these two… Pornsaneh (red trunks) came out hard.  ( Does anyone know?)  Was there a belt on the line?    I loved it when Pornsaneh was going for the body shots and was like “hahaah please son”.  Anyway many thanks to banana821 and the folks at sstv for the clip.

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  1. pornsanehs belt was on the line

  2. damn man, i want pornsaneh to win like he should. he wreaks havoc the entirety of his fights rarely ever backing down but continues to get beaten. still one of my favs.

  3. He doesn’t have the typical thai style of fighting. He loves those low kicks and punchs.
    Love watching him fight. Really aggressive style. But might not work out for him in his older age.

  4. Great fight, thanks for the post. I love it when traditional MT fights get down and dirty!

  5. I have seen Pornsaneh a few times live at Lumphini (witnessed 2 knockouts!!.

    He always goes for it and the thais in the audience give him big props as well. Definitely a fan favorite there.

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