Pornsaneh vs. Rungravee set of Oct.

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Published on August 07, 2013 with 15 Comments

This bit of news came out a couple of weeks ago, Good to see our friends will be heading to this area of our world.  I think Huggy Bear put it best, “I’m pretty sure this is one of the signs of the apocalypse!” These guys are heading to Cork Ireland, and will be meeting on October 12th at Neptune Stadium.  The show is by Siam Warriors, they generally get Sanchai to clown someone., this will be a nice change.  As you know both these guys like to get down, and this one only ends one way.

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I suspect their is going to be lots of sore limbs after this one.  Both fighters have a very similar style, it’s definitely going to be interesting. If you new to MMT, click on the Tags, to check out some of their earlier fights, you won’t be disappointed.  I’ve never been to Ireland, so this sounds like a great reason to head up.

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  1. Rungravee wins this for me all day.Maybe not a few years ago but now my monies on him.

  2. The Irish are lucky to have this match up. Their in for a treat with these 2 bangers. Money well spent and worthwhile watching. The Irishes homeboy Stephen Meleady would been great to see participating in this event since its on his doorstep.

  3. porn has so many things going against him…its like its set up so he can lose.

    • for example?

      • I think age and style. imo hes to one dimensional in his fighting style now that hes just a bit older. Rungravee is easily as aggressive but has many more tricks and tecniques he uses when he fights.

        • exactly.

          • Plus Rungravee has better eyebrows.

  4. glegsorchaophraya – hahahahahaha funny cause its so true!

  5. I love pornsaneh but I also can’t see him winning this unfortunality. Why not put in yodkhunpon sitmonchai to fight instead of pornsaneh? He’s basically just like pornsaneh but bigger, younger, more hungry and a more rounded fighter!

    • Because Porn is a hot commodity right name with the recognizable name to the larger Muay Thai audience..

  6. to be fair though, it will still be a cracking fight!!

  7. im predicting a whole lot of shorts adjusting motions from pornsaneh. hes gonna do a 1-2 combo, try for a leg kick, get backed away by a counter or 2 or 3 or 4, reset by adjusting the shorts, then rinse and repeat.

  8. This is gonna be awesome no matter what.A must see for sure.

  9. I love when Pornsaneh mixes his Muay Bouk style with a little of Fimeu..nice one

    Pornsaneh vs Rungravee (HD microwave footage from the best position in the whole palace)

  10. Well that settles that.Pornsanae is one Bad Mutha Fukker.(excuse the French)

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