Peter Graham & Badr Hari Round 2


Looks like this re-match is going to happen. There are both set to meet each other this August 5th at the Hong Kong K-1 GP

These two last met in May of 2006. Sort of a circus really… Hari was in the Prime of his Ass hole phase. He’s apparently done quite the about face in the past year. I’m sure he’s maturing. Anyway, during the press conference Hari got up in Grahams grill. Started a bit of a scuffle…

Badr Hari Peter Graham

Cut to the fight, by all accounts Hari was winning the match. Graham’s got a kick he likes to call “rolling thunder” (Graham, the US military called and wants their lame name back) Any way you’ll see it in the clip. It’s a somersault kick, clips Hari with it…. Hari gets KTFO! Jaw apparently broken in 3 places. Ouchie, I guess that’s what you get when you talk shit.

[youtube QG7z9qQ7oqY]

So this was posted in K-1 Forums, it’s supposedly from Graham’s Myspace page. I think its’ real, only because it looks like it was written by an Australian 10 year old

“Your all going to love this one!!!

The next fight is in Hong Kong Vs none other than the man I dream of beating the hell out of……BADI HARRI,Thats right fokes.

The one Who I koed in Sunny New Zealand and broke he’s jaw in three places.The one who speakes so much shit that the people in his own gym don’t like him.The most hated man in K1.

This one’s going to be fun!!!!!

The Chief Vs The man we love to hate….Love it.

Augest 5th(My birthday as well) God must love me as this is the best present I ever got..

And just so you get the inside info,This is no play up for the mdia,I F@#king hate Badi Hari like cats hate water,Like I hate a pub with no beer,you get the idear..

Peter Graham.

The Chief.

Rolling Thunder.”

Like I said I think Hari has matured some and would admit he was acting like a complete douche. I think Hari’s skills are tight, I think if he can shake the memory of his last bout, he’ll KO Graham. Either way it’s going to be a brawl, I think Graham is feeling a little over confident, I don’t think he’ll get that lucky again.


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  1. I hate that “Rolling Thunder” crap. It’s a stupid suicide attack that can’t be punished because it stops the action…. I think the rules should be changed so that people who do falling kicks can be stomped on while they are getting up. :)

  2. I agree cowpaste and nopstar, those suicidal kicks should not be allowed unless they change the rules and allow kicking/kneeing after an unsuccessful attempt.

  3. I personally think those kinda kicks should be banned all together…because #1…it’s a stupid move, #2 a spinnning hook/wheel kick can be performed without ur ass hitting the ground. #3…There’s no counter against it which makes it unfair to the other fighter. Cowpaste I agree with you 100%….if u’re gonna do that then we should be able to stomp ur face the F#ck in while ur on the ground.

  4. So basically his “rolling thunder” kick is like a falling spinning back kick where he falls on his ass! LMAO! Bet hell try to use it again :)

  5. I like to side step in the direction of his kick and sweep/low kick the sh*t outta them…..Of course, u have to see it comin but usually those spinning moves come from people with Karate or TKD background.

  6. Soory badr hari is een man whit his word en dont talk shit if you dont no him Because he is 22 en have 20 year to go en hes fight al to de Kings of K-1 En badr hari talks big but he always winss

  7. I think Badr and Graham are awesome athletes in the ring and do good for the sport, but does anybody know the real reason why these two men hate each other so much

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