Sanchai vs. Petchboonchu

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Published on February 12, 2014 with 6 Comments

This bout was the headline bout for the farewell show last week at lumpinee stadium.  This is turning out to be one of the great rivalries between two elite nak muay.  This will be their fifth meeting.  They’re both tied up with two wins a piece.

These guys met a couple of months ago at the Lumpinee Birthday show.

As always many thanks to MuayTies for upload!

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  1. Some guy I train with said Saenchai would win this fight because he got dominated in there last fight and that saenchai would of trained hard for this but I was like no petboonchu is on a role and its very unlikely at the moment.

    I bet it must be sooo frustrating to fight petboonchu! He has such a suffocating style which will drain all the energy from his opponents and doesn’t give them time to think!

  2. Horrid fight – absolutly can’t stand that style. Fuck all for 2 rounds, smother and throw a boring “ineffective” looking right knee over and over that scores because the gamblers decree it scores, then run away and at best throw a few teeps in the last 2 makes sure you can’t be touched. I know this is within the rules and it was a clear win within the rules. There is know question Petchboonchu won but it doesnt stop me being bored to tears and hating this style. I wish the likes of Petchboonchu and yodwicha et al could fight in a seperate event just for this style. Its nearly as bad as watching brazillian jitz/nogi comps

  3. *I meant run away and throw a few teeps in the last round, sorry.

  4. I’d like to see how fighters like Petchboonchu would fair against a western fighter with strong, crisp boxing combinations.

  5. @Frank – in all honesty under Muay Thai rules Id put my money on him beating any and every westener right now. Someone with just slick boxing, under FTR would get completely owned by Petchbunchu. Especially now, like Joshua1990 said hes on fire atm aswell. I imagine hed do terribly under any form of modifed rules k1/enfusion.Glory etc. A smothering clinching knee style does not lend itself at all well to styles that don’t allow clinch!!haha

    • Yeah he wouldn’t so well at all in a K1 bout! His style limits him to only Fmt rules.

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