Petchboonchu FA Group vs. Diesel Lek AudDonMuang

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Published on December 28, 2012 with 2 Comments

This has been an exceptional week for fights… this was from a few weeks ago at the Lumpinee Kraikai show.  Features a fighter who’s been on a bit of run lately DieselLek vs. (red).  who is considered on of the best clinchers in our sport.

It’s interesting first few round as Diesellek and his team have a very clear game plan to take away Petchboonchu’s legs.  His heel kick looks like a crescent kick with the heel to the leg, I’ve never seen that being used before.  I’m sure it’s a Muay Boran technique… anyone else ever come across this kick?

Let’s see what how an agressive fighters fairs against one of the best clinchers in our sport.

On a side note, Diesel Leks bowl cut always cracks me up, reminds me of Mo from the Stooges, the only reason I’m brining it up… somewhere in the 2nd round the commentator remarks ” Diesel lek… he’s got an interesting hairstyle…”

Many thanks to banana128 for the upload

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  1. Really liked triple left highkick from DieselLek in 2nd round.. and this crescent kick is tricky.

  2. diesel lek is a damn monster, with what looks to be a quasi bowl cut. would love to see him fight internationally.

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