Pakorn Sakyothin Interview

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Published on April 22, 2013 with 6 Comments

A couple of months ago I paid a visit to JittiGym… Hard hitting Sakyothin has been training out of there for the past several months.  Had a chance to sit down with him, and have a brief chat.

Be sure to turn on your captioning.

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  1. When was this video made? Because I am a little confused. Did Pakorn say he was fighting Petboonchu on the 4th? Because I’ve been training at Kiatmoo9 with Singdam and I was told he was getting ready to fight petboonchu on the 10th at 133lbs. Unless there have been some changes made….

  2. Mid March? March 14th?

  3. Thanks Nop. Pakorn is my fav fighter. Really cool to get a glimpse of what he’s like outside of the ring.

  4. Pakorn is one of my favorites too. He has that explosive, violent, yet patient style. Beautiful to watch. That being said he got tooled by Saenchai, but then again who doesn’t Saenchai tool. Sometimes i get tired of him embarrassing everyone, lol.

    • Lol….I can never get tired of Seanchai tooling anyone. Pakorn recently became one of my favorites as well. Love his style

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