Pajonsuk vs. Andy Souwer


It’s been a fairly busy month in terms of fights.  This was the It’s Showtime Athens show this past weekend.

I was looking forward to this bout… Pajonsuk has been making the rounds internationally and has adapted fairly well to K-1 /Kickboxing rules.  He did well in his MAX debut against Choi, how would fair against a 2x Max Champion?

About 2 mins into the bout I started losing focus… yawn… this wasn’t the throw down I had imagined.  Souwer was doing what Souwer does… which is fighting smart and out scoring his opponents

Pajonsuk well… was a bit too cautious. He’ll never score well in these K1 bouts if he thinks he can sit on his back foot and wait for the action to come to him.    I’ve seen him push the action in a lot of his bouts,  hopefully his team will learn from this one.

Many thanks to  Fightreloaded for taking the time to share.


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  1. if you count kicks and knees over punches then i think pajonsuk won. even just watching the rate of the fighters i think pajonsuk won by a slim margin. i didn’t think it was a snoozefest. it wasn’t a slugfest but it was definitely NOT a snoozefest.

  2. Pajonsuk won it clearly in my mind, he outlanded souwer with kicks and knees to the body mostly.

    Souwer landed few clean strikes on Pajonsuk- some punches.

    unanimous decision for Souwer- nonsense!

  3. Dave Sitjaipetch on

    That Andy Souwer is a snake how does he walk around proud knowing alot of his Wins were robberies of the other fighters Pajonsuk Clearly won this fight, I wish every time Pajonsuk threw Souwer he kicked as he went down.

  4. Long time reader, first time poster… Hi guys.

    This bout wasn’t as boring as some said! It was a consistent enough pace, I thought.
    I knew Souwer won, by the posted comments, but a unanimous decision?!

  5. pajonsuk is in a learning/experimental stage right now with these new rules. he learns well. this was a warm up for him. i cant wait till he fully adjusts and starts fucking shit up

  6. weird fight really ….so silent in the crowd and Pajunsok did what any normal nak muay would do by clinching a puncher… I think he will adjust but he definately isn’t the work horse that Bakauw is… Pajonsuk is one of my favorites to watch he has a really nice style just not sure he is the best candidate for this type of format…. saiyok and others are more aggressive push forward stylists but Pajonsuk is definately more of a wait for mistake type fighter ….. we will see I suppose.

  7. dont get me wrong guys, Pajonsuk clearly looked the better fighter and under muay thai rules clearly won.But these were not Muay thai rules, out kick and out kneeing doesnt mean shit if your out punched in k1 rules does it?Souwer clearly won this fight for me.I hate k1 rules for precisely that reason you can watch someone get bitched around the place and thrown on their arse all over the place and they still win with fast hands and kicks.Whatever you say about sauwer he is good at k1

  8. right, im gona have to watch this again.It seems im the only one who thinks sauwer won!!!!God damn it i dont like watching k1 at the best of times but rewatching it????

  9. souwer clearly wins this!!.For every shot Pajonsuk throws, Souwer answers with 2 or 3 every time (~usually boxing) and Pajonsuk had points deducted for illeagal clinching.

  10. I havent watched the whole fight yet, but I would really like to see some of these K1 guys fight in full thai rules. We always see thai fighters cross over into K1 rules I would like to see people like Souwer, and Spong fight full thai rules and see how they fair. I would love to see them get hit with elbows and see how they react

  11. I’m sure souwer won that fight given the ruleset, but damn….i hate his fighting style so much, it’s almost like point sparring. Fancy, but highly inefficient and redundant, why hit the guy if you aren’t gonna try to cause any real damage?

    Fucking dutch fighters….not all, cause there are some real bangers, just some…

  12. im sure souwer etc wouldnt mind sharpening his/their elbows if someone one would pay him the same or more to fight mt rather than k1.Thats all it would take!!

  13. Because of the succes in K-1 holland became to much K-1 orientated. Although holland has much more potential than france, the french succeeded them in Muay Thai. With the growth of It’s Showtime that’s sadly not gonna change. I love guys like Rayen Simson, Gilbert Ballentine and Ivan Hippolyte.

  14. @ Djani “Although holland has much more potential than france”…UR OPINION!!!

    Anyway, I really don’t see how Souwer won that fight (No I’m not being biased). Pajonsuk did a lot a holding and I have to give Souwer a lotta credit for his patience (Count how many headbutts Pajonsuk hit Souwer with)…That point deduction was well-deserve however I don’t think Pajonsuk understood why he was giving the point deduction. We also have to remember that although punching might be favored by certain nations…we have to remember that “Effective striking” is what scores the point…and Pajonsuk’s striking was far more efficient in this bout that Souwer so MUAY THAI rules or K-1 rules I really think Pajonsuk won that fight (My opinion!!!). Anyway, this fight coulda been better….lemme go back and enjoy Yod vs Jordan or Pornsaneh vs. Kongsak……Now those were some REAL entertaining fights.

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