Pajonsuk vs. Andy Souwer


It’s been a fairly busy month in terms of fights.  This was the It’s Showtime Athens show this past weekend.

I was looking forward to this bout… Pajonsuk has been making the rounds internationally and has adapted fairly well to K-1 /Kickboxing rules.  He did well in his MAX debut against Choi, how would fair against a 2x Max Champion?

About 2 mins into the bout I started losing focus… yawn… this wasn’t the throw down I had imagined.  Souwer was doing what Souwer does… which is fighting smart and out scoring his opponents

Pajonsuk well… was a bit too cautious. He’ll never score well in these K1 bouts if he thinks he can sit on his back foot and wait for the action to come to him.    I’ve seen him push the action in a lot of his bouts,  hopefully his team will learn from this one.

Many thanks to  Fightreloaded for taking the time to share.


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