Orono vs. Tuantong


This fight is from 2 weeks ago from the Channel 3 stadium featuring one of the very best in our sport, Orono wor Petchboon ( Red) vs. TuanTong Pumphanmuag .  Orono who’s I think is one of the most technical nakmuays is in his early 30’s.

He’s been fighting quite a bit internationally, and hasn’t been that active in Thailand.    He’s got the skills; it’s just a matter of keeping up physically with the younger fighters.  Once again, many thanks to banana128 for the upload!


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  1. Nice teep skills from Orono – both to the hip and to the torso – in the first round. I’ve always found that to be a really effective way to disrupt the other fighter and control the pace, if done right!

  2. Those teeps are so frustrating when used against you, they really hurt mentally. A few weeks ago p`Attachai was bored and looking for some sparring (clowning=) and I was the lucky fool that walked in they gym right then. So for 5 rounds I was beaten to the punch and/or kick by a jab and a teep placed in the same spot..over and over..and over.
    So I left that day with a great lesson in how important teep timing was..and a black and blue footprint of his right foot on my belly (no joke). And his solution for that: do more sit ups!=)..LOL. I believe he is in NYC this weekend giving a seminar, here is the link:

    If any of you guys up North make it down to see him pay close attention, they don`t call him Muay Thai tricks God for nothing.

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