Noom Chaiyasen aka “Jongsanan”


A friend and former trainer of mine is Anucha “Noom” Chaiyasen AKA Jongsanan. Jongsanan is one of the toughest bastards you’ll ever meet. Noom started fighting when he was about 10. A former Lumpini and Rajdamnern stadium champ, Jongsanan was a stable mate of Bunkerd’s and Nuengsiam’s at Fairtex. You’ll often see Noom listed as Jongsanan Fairtex, In Thailand it’s customary that you take on your camp name.

Chef Noom (he make’s a damn good Som Tom)

Let me give you a quick synopsis of Muay Thai in Thailand. Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. That being said it isn’t as popular as MLB is in the US. If you go to a fight at Lumpinee you swear that you’ve been taken back in time. There are no ring girls, and no big production. What you get is a fight, plain and simple. It’s like stepping into a real version of the Thunderdome. The place gets hot, no AC here. The ring is has a brownish hue, from the dried blood and sweat. This place is raw, and it’s packed with mostly hardcore gamblers. So this isn’t a place where you’re going to catch the average Thai. When I was a kid my dad would never take me, he was worried I was going to be a victim of a “look lohng” which means stray bullet. It can happen when you’re rolling out without making good on your bets.

Lumpini Stadium

Photo by: Hartfried Schmid

So Back to Noom, he was a bit of a phenom. Somehow his fame was able to rise out of Lumpini and into a lot of Thai households. My uncles who prefer to watch boxing even know of Noom’s reputation as a fighter.

Here is a clip of Noom fighting. This is a pretty famous fight called the “elbow fight”. It was nominated for Muay Thai fight of the decade. You’ll see what I mean by tough. Tough is a bit of understatement, brutal is more like it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fight quite like this. In fact if anyone reading this knows of one, please leave a link to it in the comments section. Noom is in the red trunks and is initially catching a beating from another champion Sakmongkol.

I asked Noom about their rivalry, he said that he and Sakmongkol had fought a total of 8 times. Noom won 5 of those times… this clip was the 5th time they had met in the ring. In this fight Noom goes on to lose by a split decision. He said decisions were quite rare for them, as they always managed to knock each other out. He said they became really good friends after about the 3rd fight. Noom admits it was their friendship that fueled their intense rivalry. This can be clearly seen as this bout is more about trading then tactics.

Below in the comments is a link compliments of Junaid to more Sakmongkol fights. Here is the link to download the entire fight, the image quality is quite good. You won’t be disappointed.

I’m fairly certain that Noom has decided to hang up his gloves. I consider myself fortunate for having seen him fight. I asked him when his son Daschel would start training. I got an emphatic never! He insists that Daschel will only play either tennis or golf. Roughly translated ” I fought so that he would never have to fight.” Nice one.


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  1. Amazing to me that they do not cut eachother open on any of these elbows. I have seen clips of muay thai fights where blood is drawn, but these guys seem to have iron heads. Cuts from elbows seem to always happen in the UFC. Maybe because the elbow usually lands on a person whose head is on the ground and has nowhere to go. I would love to see someone land a real muay thai elbow in MMA. You rarely, if ever see that.

  2. hello Junaid Hamid , you should give the people here all the links i post on my root server , not only the saknonkol ;) i have got 15 gb of muay thai stuff , enter k-1fans forum and see all the stuff of my server.
    Why you dont write a copyright to the dl link ? it was done by GermanTiger……

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  4. I am a student of Saekson Janjira in Plano, TX. Noom (Jogsanan) came to give us a test / seminar this weekend, and he seemed to be a great fighter. Also to hear Saekson say that, “he is a better fighter than I am,” was impressive enough, being that Saekso0n is a 6 time world champ. Great info on Jongsanan. Thanks.


  5. There can be several reason Thai fighter’s skin doesn’t split.
    1. different diet plus genetics from western fighters. The flesh (as in ‘flesh and bones’) of Thai people (from my experience here in Thailand) on average is much harder and tougher and more resilient than westerners. One can reasonably assume that the tropical sun has something to do with it.
    2. if you come from the coutnry-side, your dad might have sought out a sort of medicine-man for you. There are hard to find plant-medicines (for lack of a better word) that make you head as hard as a rock. My girlfriend and her 3 brothers all took it as kids (as a side note, it makes your teeth very loose in your old age)….the 3 brothers have been beaten in the head with wood/staves (arguments with wife/fights w/other people), and NEVER has it drawn blood…..WOAH! i say.

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  8. I downld. this fight couple of months ago and I must say what an Insanely Cool fight, even my friends who never even seen a K1 or Muay Thai fight were like Holy Crap what is This?? It is so Intense And I LOVE the Knee work Jongsanan used in the 3 and remaining rounds even though he lost.

  9. awesome info about jongsanan.

    One of my trainers, Bill Newcomb, trained with Bill Jongsanan in a fairtex establishment. Bill apparently had a close friendship with Jongsanan and he still recounts stories of him and Jongsanan going out drinking together.

    I hope to meet Jongsanan someday.

    …now let me pick up all those names I just dropped, haha. oops.

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