Muay Thai Minute


Happy friday nak muay’s!  Here’s your latest installment of the Muay Thai Minute.  You’ll see Sanchai/Lamsongkram pull this technique quite often.  Like the leaping body kick it’s a very nice technique to quickly close down the distance between you and your opponent.

I rarely use this as I always seem to catch someone’s elbows with my toes… however my training partner “ting tong” always seems to land these on me without issues.  Anyway, I hope you guys have been adding these to your repertoire… I would drill it a couple of times before you whip this out in sparring tonight.  Enjoy


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  1. I like this technique for an opponent who backs away as opposed to one who gets off the line on an angle. For the backing away opponent, you follow them and land the teep most times.

  2. muaythaiguy on

    Nice technique , I like to turn the foot to a side teep it gives a little more distance and seems stronger at least for me anyways.

  3. I hate to sound cheeky in my first post, but should he not be landing the strike with the ball of his foot? It seems that he is losing power by his foot bending back and landing the teep with a flat foot. Anyways I do like this technique, and appreciate the efforts of the “Muay Thai Minute” to share their knowledge with us. Thanks

  4. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for liking this technique …quite a favorate of mine….. I like to use it when the opponent comes forward as this seems to make the thrust teep more powerful…

    WhipKick you are not been cheeky at all I use both ball of the foot and flat of the foot both work quite well If landed I guess

    Thanks once again MMT


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