Muay Thai Minute – Teep Defense “Lift”


Happy Friday Nak Muay’s In today’s Muay Thai Minute, coach Damon takes us through a fairly simple but effective technique.

This is probably one of the easiest techniques we’ve been through; you just need to drill the hell out of it to make it second nature.

The two things you need to be careful of are taking a slight step back so you don’t take the full brunt of the teep.  My filming is shit, and you can’t see Damon’s footwork.  I’ll look to improve the filming in the next series.

The second thing you should be aware is that you can only take two steps, this is know as the plow… anymore then that and it’s a foul.  So no running across the ring!

Have someone who likes to teep you to the head or face?  Dump’em hard and they’ll need to rethink it.

Have fun and happy sparring!


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