Muay Thai Minute – Reverse Catch and Takedown


Hello MMT!

Happy Friday, I hope you’ve all had a very good week.  Today’s MuayThai Minute is brought to you by Damon Faulkner of the Singdayt Muay Thai Gym.

Today’s technique should be worked into your ass-kicking repertoire…  You’ll see this in every Sanchai and Buakaw hl reel.  Sanchai’s is particularly nasty, as he’ll use his knee and to scoop his victim up higher into the air resulting in a very hard slam.

You should try to work this one into your training tonight.  It really works well in the give one take one exchange.  As soon as you land your kick you can anticipate your opponent returning one… get ready to catch and send them on their way!

Happy training!



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      • I totally agree that the straight right is the natural response in this situation, especially if you use your trapped leg to pull your opponent a bit off balance. This also frees your leg enough to get some torque on the punch. I’ve gotten out of a potential take down in this way from time to time in sparring. HOWEVER, my training partners are not Buakaw or Coban! After I saw this technique broken down again on this video, I went back to the gym and starting tooling around with it again (generally on the new kids, because I’m a jerk like that. haha)

        It seems to me that the key to this catch/take down is timing and lightning fast execution. All the steps have to flow together as one fluid motion. Another thing I’ve noticed: It’s MUCH easier to execute this on a true Nak Muay. As an east coast guy, there are quite a few kickboxers that show up to sparring sessions. I’ve found it a bit trickier to catch a hoppy, fidgety Karate style “roundhouse” than a fully committed Thai round kick, since the first variation doesn’t bury in like our kicking style does. But I must say, tossing a Karate dude is twice as rewarding! haha. What have been your experiences with this take down? Always curious.

  1. One of my favorite technique…I first saw it executed by Sinbi….and to this day I still think he is the one who has perfected that technique the best (Check out his HL video). I don’t even know why the first thing being pointed out here is the fact that there is a counter this technique (as if the technique itself is flawed and shouldn’t be attempted because of it). I’m quite sure that a very adept Thai fighter should already know that in Muay Thai THERE IS ALWAYS A COUNTER TO EVERYTHING.

    I myself don’t like to step back….because instead of pulling his leg straight across my body I usually just swing the leg in a half circle position toward my knees and out (that just work better for me though). Excellent technique. Thanx for the vid NOP and DAMON! Keep em comin!

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