Muay Thai Minute – Outside Clinch Off Balance

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Published on December 14, 2012 with 2 Comments

In today’s Muay Thai Technique, the very capable Coach of Singdayt takes us through an off-balancing technique from the outside clinch.  For those of you who’ve been practicing you clinch you’ll understand that there is a lot of “listening” in clinching… it isn’t just what your trying to do… you’ve got to feel what your opponent is doing.  This technique is one that works best when you’re listening.  You’ll need to feel out your opponents weight, and balance. You’ll need to advantage of surprise and speed to pull this off effectively.

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  1. I have learned this technique from a Thai trainer who taught me explicitly to step out more with your standing leg, while you sweep with your other leg. What is your view on this, please?

  2. And step in..

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