Muay Thai Minute- Leaping Body Kick

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Published on April 15, 2011 with 2 Comments

Today’s is actually fits into my last post, “your teachers, teacher.”  This was a little technique that Neungsiam taught me a couple of years ago.  I’d be curious if Neungsiam picked this up from Monlit.  We drilled this technique the other night… one of my favorites.  As Damon mentions, it’s a great technique for closing distance.  You can catch people out, mostly because under normal circumstances you are completely out of range.

It’s amazing what the momentum does to the power of the kick… you can definitely lay into it.   Happy Friday, and Happy Sparring!

Many thanks to Coach Damon of Singdayt Muay Thai

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  1. Think I even seen lerdsilla do that..hell they way he moves I think he is part reptilian to be honest. Thanks for the Friday evening inspiration Damon

  2. sweet kick. hard to land imo

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