Muay Thai Minute – Clinch Bump

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Published on February 06, 2014 with 2 Comments

Hi guys it’s been a while… nearly a full year since we had our last muay thai minute.  Anyway, today we have a nice way to transition position while your in the clinch.  A nice dominant position is to get your opponent in a side position.  It’s relatively difficult for them to do too much offensively if you’ve got them locked from the side.  If you get their back… well you’ve just showed total dominance in the clinch…

In this clip coach Damon of Singdayt Muay Thai shows you how to use your shoulder to “bump” into a side position.  It’s important to note that when your doing this, you need to be explosive.  You’ll need to explode then duck your head quickly otherwise you’ll put yourself into a headlock.  Anyway, drill away.


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  1. 1- Marvin doesn’t fall
    2- Looks like Damon got a new sick pad. Good for him!
    3- Welcome back Muay Thai Minute, it’s been, well… a minute.

  2. It’s been WAAAAY too long. Hopefully he’s back again.

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