Muay Thai Minute- Catch and Take down


Happy Friday Nak Muay!  Coach Damon and Coach Martin of Singdayt Muay Thai are back to take us through a catch and takedown technique.  On the surface this technique seems pretty simple… you catch a kick and kick the standing leg right?

well sort of… if you’re new to Muay Thai, you should probably learn how to properly catch a kick otherwise, you’ll end up with very sore ribs, even broken ribs…  As some of you know, it’s quite difficult to take someone down when their leg is firmly planted and or they have exceptional balance.  Watch some Jordan Watson clips…

Like some many other things in life, the devil is in the details.  To sweep your opponent, it’s helpful to get them off balanced, at the very least not firmly planted. To do this you need to turn the top of your forearm into their calf muscle.  You have to make sure you’ve pulled their leg up as high as you can into your arm pit, If you turn your wrist properly your partner should wince… this is painful.  When you apply the pressure this should get them hopping… once the begin to hop that’s when they are the most susceptible to a sweep.

When you are drilling this, take it easy… it hurts,  it will require some trial and error, rotate your wrist and forearm to find the ridge of your forearm,  you’ll know when you’ve got it right, your partner will let you know.



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