Muay Thai Journal Episode 7- Social Mobility

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Published on March 26, 2013 with 5 Comments

Here’s episode 7, it’s slightly different from the previous episodes.  This episode features commentary from MMT friend Abigail Sitmonchai.  Abigail’s partner is a Thai Nak Muay, and has witnessed  some of the social issues that comes with being a nak muay in Thailand.

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  1. I definitely feel that there is a development going on with the sport of Muay Thai. I was really surprised by the earlier article about RSM Acadamy. If Muay Thai becomes more mainstream I’m confident that young people will want to learn more about it. And when that happens they might get much more respect and appreciation for the “lower-class”-fighters and people, which should be, since Muay Thai has been embedded in Thai culture for centuries, even among the royals.

    I think this is coherent with the westernization of Thailand. Allthough China is becoming the main ecnonomic viewpoint of the Thai people, there is still a huge influx of western culture. One of those is the particular interest in Muay Thai. I think more and more (young) Thai people are embracing “their” art and fighters. This is really visible since I see the increase of comments on youtube pages by young Thais.

    What now needs to be done is seting up vast (international) Muay Thai events that catches the attention by martial arts fans. But this is ofcourse impossible at this point, since there is no centralization. Thai fight seemed promising, but turned out to be national superiority propaganda. .

  2. What gym is the padwork done in? And who is holding ang hitting the pads?

  3. Wow! I only asked because he looks flawless on the pads. Could’nt even tell he’s missing a hand. Even more impressed. Another great post john, you’re a true asset to the site and MT in general.

  4. That’s messed up, may he rest in peace..
    Do you think his stroke was related to his profession as a fighter?

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