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Published on October 24, 2008 with 17 Comments

I came across this the other night, I’ve only had a chance to get through the first 3 clips.  It’s kind of dated, and I’m not really feeling the people they’ve interviewed…but I’m giving them props for all the old footage they’ve included.

It’s fairly long so, if this will give you something to entertain you while you’re supposed to be working!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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  1. nice documentary, Namkabuans walking round kicks on the pads are beautiful to watch, also, does anyone have any idea as to the name of the music thats being played in the lead up to Namkabuans fight?

  2. Cool documentary, Nop why dont you like the people interviewed. Just curious! Damn I have had it easy compared to some Thai Kids! I think my Gym is in connection with the Most Famous Gym in Thailand, now i Forgot the name, but wasnt the guy they interviewed the Old Guy selling Cigarettes in Ong Bak??

  3. This is an older but a decent one.

    The people interviewed are kind of bad. The first guy tend to lend too much to far east mystification ,the second guy, the white journalist is patently wrong about the use of neck weights among other things. It makes you not only question his integrity as a journalist but whether he has ever sst into A thaiboxing gym to see how they really do train.

  4. Nice documentary for being “dated.”

    How’d you know I was supposed to be working?

  5. The old guy selling cigarettes in Ong Bak is Kru Thui, or Yodtong Seyanan sp*. He’s one of the most famous trainers in Thailand. Trained Samart, Gongtoranee, Chartchai, Nuengpichit, and so many others.

    About Hardy Stockman, I think he’s a decent journalist. He was the first to write a decent book on Muay Thai in the English Language. It covered a few landmark fights and had the Lumpini and Rajadamnern stadium rankings of 1975 and later 1978 in the next addition. Some cool stuff in there if you can find it at Amazon. It’s called Kickboxing Muay-Thai, the art of siamese un-armed combat.

    It’s cool to see some fights from the golden era too. I believe Namkabuen fought and beat Therdkiat twice before and then Therdkiat later joined the Nongkeeprawayuth camp. Therdkiat is the guy that KO’ed Jongsanan with that nasty head kick.

  6. Yeh, sorry Stack have to agree with GKfromMTA there. Hardy Stockman was one of the first westerners to really get inside muay thai, old and new, he new his stuff.

    Loved the old school footage very cool… not often you get to see the really old bouts, interesting to compare their style then to now.

  7. Stack you seriously have never seen any Thai’s bite a strap attached to a weight and do neck lifts?

  8. Everyone has those moments when they learn something by being wrong.

    Every camp I’ve been too still uses the skip rope through a 10-20kilo weight for the neck and jaw. Even in many non-thai camps, some use the head harness for wrestling or wrestling bridges.

    I believe it’s much more functional if you stand while doing this, you never sit while in the ring.

  9. Good Post!!! Love watching the old B&W footage. salaam

  10. Great post!!! I love this site!

  11. Thanks Mai. can’t wait to visit MT heaven (aka Lumpini)..

  12. Excellent documentary. Thank you.

  13. Stack you seriously have never seen any Thai’s bite a strap attached to a weight and do neck lifts?
    The point is frank that I have seen it and often whereas Hardy claims that doesn’t happen any more.

  14. i personally have never seen the “bite strap attached to weight” thingy

    but it’s shown in the movie Beautiful boxer so i’m quite sure these training methods are legit and practised.

  15. I did actually do this a bit when I did some training at Naga Gym on Koh Samet last xmas.

    They had two different sized ‘weights’ – cement blocks cast in plastic bottles, with rope coming out of them. Some guys put behind their necks, others (myself included) grabbed the rope by the teeth. My neck (and teeth) ache just thinking about it!

  16. The Ending with title fight in Lumpinee was great. Nice and very watchable documentary.

  17. Nice documentary :))

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