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A couple of months ago I wrote that the Slamm events were the benchmark for quality MuayThai promotions around the world.  I’ve been to numerous shows in Thailand, Europe and the U.S. of varying sizes and budgets.  In my experience I feel that the Dutch are able to strike a good balance between having a stacked card, with production and organisation.

Last night I attended the MSA’s second fight promotion at the Manchester Evening News arena (MEN) and I’m happy to say, that the MSA crew has stepped up and met that challenge

The venue, quality of fights, production and organisation (front of the house and back) were all world class.  I had a chance to meet with a lot of the personalities who are involved in the production of this event.  I spent sometime with their President, PR and Broadcast people, and I’m impressed with their knowledge, and enthusiasm.  They all talk about raising the profile of MuayThai in the UK and Europe and after last nights show, I’m confident that it’s all moving in the right direction.

If you don’t want to know the fight results don’t read any further…

Fight Results:

(W/Points )Stuart Kemp – Tobins gym Leeds  Vs. Mike Egan – taz muay thai

(W/Points) Simon Chu – Kiatphontip Leeds v Daitan Jackson – salford thai

Kieran Keddle – Semtex gym v Imran Khan – Wicker camp Sheffield (W/Points)

Neil woods – team Kaobon v Kevin Harper – majestic gym Wigan (W/Points)

(Win/Stoppage) Jordan Watson – bad company leeds v Gianluca Buccollero – Italy

Andy Howson – bad company Leeds v  Dean James – pra chao sua (Winner/points)

(Win/TKO) Andy Thrasher – gfc Manchester v Hesdey Van Assen – Holland

(Win/Points)Damien Trainor – k-star v Kaewklaaa Kaewsamrit – Thailand

(Win/Points) Michael Dicks – Darlington v Bovy Sor Udomsorn – Thailand

Liam Harrison – bad company Leeds v Anuwat Kaewsamrit – Thailand

Some of the fights that stood out in my mind were Imran Khan and Jordan Watson.

Jordan fought a great fight despite loosing his 3 front teeth.  I caught up with him after the fight and lucky for him they were able to cement them back in…   apparently he feels that the mouthpiece interferes with his breathing…  I would suggest wearing a mouthpiece with Buakaw.

He’s a great fighter to watch, he’s got excellent vision, shape/balance and aggression. I look forward to his battle in May.

Imran  Khan was another stand out… I know he’d just spent some time in Thailand with our friends at Sasiprapa and it shows.  He looked impressive against Keddle.   Hopefully I can find a clip of the fight, but he’s just a really technical and entertaining fighter to watch.  I know he’s got an upcoming fight in Jersey in May and I recommend you get out there and check him out if you can.

The Thai Fights:

Not a good night for the boys from Kaewsamrit.  Kaewklaa was the first up against Damien Trainor, I felt it was a fairly close match right up to the final round.  Trainor unsettled Kaewklaa with a nice teep and it was downhill from there.

I spoke with Kaewklaa after the fight, he was disappointed with his performance, but admitted he was a bit nervous from the whole experience.  The travelling, the show… all added up.  He thinks that now that he has this under his belt he’ll be better prepared for next time.

Bovy vs. Michael Dicks.

I’m a big Bovy fan, and it’s because I’m a fan I’d like to see him hang it up.  Honestly it was painful watching his fight last night.  Last night he was a caricature, of this smashing robot that could only move forward.

Dicks had very little trouble teeping him and cutting him.  I think Bovy may have thrown one kick throughout the bout.  He just kept eating punch after punch, elbow after elbow.  I know he sells tickets, and crowds love that shit, but he’s reached his limit.  Sitting ringside you can see round after round his eyes begin to roll back as he continued to stalk and be struck.

I think the damage is definitely done and they need to give him a rest. He’s 26 and I think he’s got a year or two max.  I’d like to see retire while he still has some of his faculties left.

Harrison vs Anuwat.

Once again if felt like this was another even bout.  I had them fairly neck and neck up to the last round.  If I can remember correctly Harrison had a few sweeps and a nice neck kick that sealed it for him.

I had a quick chat with Harrison after the event.  He was limping quite a bit after be peppered with leg kicks. He did tell me that Anuwat rocked him hard in the 4th, which nearly put him to sleep.  He looked pretty good for someone who had just been through the Anuwat grinder… about 20 mins after our conversation, I was told by Rob Cox that Harrison was rushed off to the hospital after passing out.  I don’t know if it was dehydration, fatigue, being rocked or all the above that caused it, but I hope feels better soon.

Overall it was an outstanding event. I’m looking forward to the event the London event in May.  If you haven’t yet made it out to one of these shows, get up off you’re ass and go. I’d like to thank Fui Mee and Swee Lip for hosting me and allowing me to sit with their family. Dan and Laura for allowing me access and letting me poke around.


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