Monrit Seminar Review


This weekend was the Monrit Seminar that I posted about. Held at El Nino gym it was well attended with about 40 people coming out. I partnered up with Malia Spanyol. I’ve said it before but if you attend a seminar I really suggest having a competent partner to train the drills with. You don’t want to spend your time, and money, teaching someone how to kick properly.

Of all the seminar’s I’ve been to this one was the most “classic.” Monrit went over about ten techniques. The majority of them required a fair amount of balance and timing. One of the first techniques we went over was a simple right kick to right push kick. This is a technique you’d want to do to someone you’re kicking back and forth with. When they are about to retaliate with a kick you push kick them off balance. With the push kick you are not stepping back into your stance instead you are turning your kick right into a push kick. When you do do the push kick you might need to hop back. The timing of this technique is pretty key as is having a fair amount of balance.

The video link is a demonstration of one of the more difficult techniques. Again this technique requires a fair amount of timing. It is used when your opponent is left kneeing you. You’ll want to push the head to the right and the knee to the left. Moonlit was pretty adamant about not holding onto the knee.

Overall this seminar was great. The techniques wee went over were pretty classic. Moonlit will be in town for another month or so. I’d recommend stopping by El Nino and visiting.



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