Monlit visits America


Monrit Sitphodang, former Trainer of the Year, and long term trainer at Fairtex, and Sitsongpeenong is coming to visit the States for a few months. He’ll be here in the Bay Area for a few months. Jongsanan will be having a seminar on December 8th, at El Nino with Monrit as a special guest.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Monrit check out the translated article from Yodmuayeak in the May 26th edition in 1993.

“Monlit Sitpodang

True Name: Amnuaysin Bunpaengsri

Birthdate January 5th 1963 Precient: Pontong District: Buayai Province: Nakhonrajasima

Monlit began Muay Thai at age 15 by joining Sitpoodang Camp belonging to former national team basketball player Bunjong Wongwailerd. During his career the camp was located by Rama 6 bridge in Bangkok, and he was stablemates with Kaew and Phon Sitpawdang. Monrit was renown for being the runner up for the 9th place bantamweight position at Rajadamern.

He fought many popular fighters including: Rajabud S. Thanikul, Gumantong Bprasapchai, Sataanpet Kiatpet etc.

Monlit retired from fighting in 1982 and the following year he became a trainer at Fairtex. In 1989 Phaiboon Fairtex brought an innocent young man from Chaiyaphum to the camp. Monrit took the man, Jongsanan, to meet Bunjong (Philip Fairtex) Bootsaracamwong, to ask if Jongsanan could train at the camp. After Philip took Jongsanan into the camp, Monlit began to teach Jongsanan everything he knew and Monlit gave him the fight name “Jongsanan.” The word “Jong” comes from Bunjong (Philip) Fairtex and Bunjong Wongwailerd first names. The word “Sanan” means a resounding noise, or boom. He hoped that Jongsanan would be very popular.

Now Jongsnan is very popular as Monrit hoped for.”



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