Messing with a bull…

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Published on August 12, 2011 with 13 Comments

In America there’s a saying that goes if you “Mess with the bull, you get the horns”  in Thailand there’s a similar  idiom “ Mung len gub Sanchai, lao mung ja doan ut”  roughly translated if you “fuck with Sanchai your going to get a cartwheel kick to the face”  boo ya!

This is pretty funny.  I’m sort of inclined to feel for the guy, but then I realized he calls himself Super Tord.    Ok I don’t know that he actually calls himself Super Tord, but it’s what it says on his shorts.  It could be cultural, could be a language difference but I think it’s pretty universal if you call yourself super anything, you had better bring it.

This nak muay, who seems to have some skills is having a little play with the great one… he seems to be getting a little cocky… especially using Sanchai’s signature leaping leg kick.  Then Sanchai picks it up a notch…

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  1. LO>..good fun. They obviously know each other well enough. Funny nonetheless!. SO what is doctor Saenchai saying to him as he tries to wake him up?

    • Mung len gub pom, lao mung ja doan ut :-)

  2. Damn! He needs to change his name to super turd.

  3. He wasn’t getting cocky. He is a Sinbi regular and is pretty good friends with Saenchai and Sing. Everyone wants to make up a story of how ReTord was out of line and that is why Saenchai knocked him out, but that isn’t the case at all.

    • 2nd that..its a sparring mishap between two familiars. hell I took a kao loi to head and well delivered sok to nose that subsequently chipped my tooth..its funny as hell..and hey..its a bragging right to be clocked by the MD

  4. AWESOME!!!! LOL!

  5. u know Saenchai, nice and all, makes u feel it when u spar..reminds me of Pot BunPot hahah that guy is insanely strong and tactical. Word has it you be hard pressed to find better plum than Pot.

  6. I uploaded a bunch of new videos of Pot teaching the clinch on my youtube channel.

    • There are a couple of Pot and Saenchai. One of our guys trained for a Patong fight there and had personals with Pot and he always mentions Pot`s plum techniques. Pot`s son is a celeb hahaha tons of vids of him on youtube. I don`t mean to slight anyone, all the trainers there are great teachers and good peeps, but I had lil plum training with him and he is an encyclopedia. Also teaches you good break-fall since you spend most of your time slamming on canvas..hahahahah.

      You know what..I know now talk is about Saenchai and Saiyok..but we need a post on Pot and his son. Cmon Nop how about it!?
      Everyone who ever trained there knows them!
      Pot had a good scrap with Sombat back in the are up there and he gladly shows it..from the blood..looks like it was a sok fest

  7. Here is a vid of Pot trailing his son Nut:

  8. I’ve made 7 trips to Sinbi in the last 5 years to train with Pot. I just got back from there on Tuesday :(

    Here is one of the videos I recorded from this summer.

  9. Wow cool..I stayed at icon, where do you stay? I am looking to make a trip soon. You ever hit the reggae bar in nai harn lake?

  10. In April, I stayed at the Riviera Villas next to Icon. June/July/Aug, I stayed at Green Valley Resort behind 7/11

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