Mehdi Zatout vs. Singmanee Kaewsamrit


The Thai Fight quarter finals took place this weekend in Bangkok… this is the 67 kg. bout between 2x French champioon Mehdi Zatout and Singmanee.  The last time we saw Zatout was on JC Skarbowsky’s best of Siam show, fighting Sanchai.

Of all the match ups I thought this was the most entertaining.  As always many thank you to duangaestetic for the rip and upload.


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  1. This was easily the best fight of the night for me. This matchup was solid singmanee is a best and I give Zatout a lot of respect for his performance. He gave it his all. Great fight.

  2. i didnt think it was the worst fight at all although singmanee was clear winner at least it wasnt as one sided white wash like the others…the ikuysang fight was a disgrace diving all over showboating against someone who has had 20 fights…whats point. im sick of these events now they have turned into a total joke. i hope kulebin wins the 67kg division he deserves it had 2 tough fights to make it to the final.

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