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Our good friends at MuayThaiAuthority, took a moment out to speak to our boy Matt.  When you done gawking at Matt be sure to head over to Muay Thai Authority to check out the new shirts our friends have cooked up.  I’m quite partial to the “Support the Art” shirt and will be ordering mine in the next couple of days.

Nice shout out to our good friend Mark at the Altercenter.

So who’s going to the try out’s/ auditions?

Here is the press release from the organizers of the show:

With the spectacular growth of combat sports such as UFC and MMA becoming so popular amongst audiences it is no wonder that a show about Muay Thai, the National Sport of Thailand which is also the single most used striking art by the top fighters in MMA, is currently in production.

“In Search of America’s Muay Thai Team” is a reality based TV show where contestants who are professional Muay Thai fighters will be travelling from around the country to audition this Saturday, July 2nd for a spot on the show. If a contestant makes the show and becomes a member of America’s Muay Thai Team they will be offered a lucrative contract to go on a world fighting tour competing in countries such as Thailand (where the sport originated), England, Japan, China, Korea, Dubai and India to name a few.  The filming will take place at a local Muay Thai Kickboxing Gym in Fontana, Ca. Double Dose Muay Thai.

“As coaches we are looking not only for great fighters but fighters who embody the qualities of Muay Thai… Honor, Courage, Discipline and Strength” stated Bryan Dobler owner of Double Dose Muay Thai as who will be a main coach on the show.

“Unlike other combat sports based reality TV shows that show a bunch of rowdy, disrespectful fighters this show will focus on creating and finding a team of Kick Ass Gentlemen” said producer Don Mc Daniels about the shows high standard for discipline and respect.




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