Malaipetch vs. Yodsanklai


Was it me or does this place look empty?   Figures… I shelled out $50 (multiple purchases) bucks and still no love from the PPV trolls.  So effing jank… to all of you guys who subscribed and still haven’t gotten what you paid for I apologize.  Last time I recommend anything from these guys.


I thought Hammer was bad but at least he knows what he’s watching and has a clue what he’s talking about.   Clearly they cut corners on PPV back end and the announcers.  So not really the fight I was hoping for… The two things that I got from this match up were… Malaipetch is one tough bastard.  Dude is effing hardcore; to me he’s the embodiment of Muay Thai fortitude.  Many thanks to nyghtsky for uploading and collecting Muay Thai vids.  This fight can be found on youtube or k-1 fans forums.

[veoh v14769561hTpQMfDX]

Yodsanklai… I don’t even know where to begin.  Seeing him stalk Malaipetch was bitter sweet.  I’ve never seen Malaipetch backed up so much.  It just has to be one of the most disconcerting feelings… to be relentlessly and methodically run down.  I knew Yod was solid but this is a whole another level.  Malaipetch is still the man, I think it would have been a betterI knew Malaipetch was going to have issues with Yod’s hands.  During his fight with Schniedmiller at Slamm he at a lot of punches.  For Yod to land 4 uppercuts unchecked is just obscene.  I think Malaipetchs corner did the right thing, it was just going to get worse.


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