M-One “Reborn” May 16th, Featuring Romie Adanza vs Jomhod Eminent Air


M-One Muay Thai returns with “Reborn” taking place Thursday May 16th, 2013 at San Manuel Casino in Highland, CA. The main event will be  American Romie Adanza against Mini Flyweight Rajadamnern Stadium Jomhod Eminent Air for a WBC World Title. The co-main event will feature Lumpinee Stadium regular Sagetdao Petchpayathai from Kiapetch Gym in Bangkok against Tetsuya Yamato from Japan.

Romie Adanza vs Shuichi Wentz at "K-1 Rising" Los Angeles

Romie Adanza sv Shuichi Wentz at “K-1 Rising” Los Angeles September 8th, 2012

Promoter of M-One Montri Sunpanich is one of, if not the first to promote Muay Thai shows in the States. M-One hosted two very important shows in 2011 for American Muay Thai. The first was August 14th, 2011 which featured American Kevin Ross vs Saenchai pound for pound the best in the world for the main event. Kevin Ross lost by unanimous deicison but it proved that American Muay Thai fighters can hang with the best of them and squashed the stigma that American Muay Thai fighters are inferior to European and Thai fighters.


Kevin Ross vs Sagetdao M-One Grand “Team USA vs Team Thailand.”

Just over two months after the Kevin Ross vs Saenchai matchup M-One held another event in October, 2011 in Los Angeles. The event was entitled “Team USA vs Team Thailand” which featured Americans Joe Schilling, Kevin Ross, and Romie Adanza as well as Thai fighters Sagetdao Petpayathai, Kaoklai Kaennorsing, and Rungravee Sasiprapa. M-One puts on great Muay Thai shows and I am glad they are back. Like their facebook page to keep up with their latest updates.

Picture of Kevin Ross vs Sagetdao and Romie Adanza vs Thanit Watthanaya by Vang Her

Picture of Romie Adanza vs Shuichi Wentz by Ahren Nunag




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  1. WTF??? “…. squashed the stigma that American Muay Thai fighters are inferior to European and Thai fighters.”…. Are you saying that Amerian Muay Thai is equal to European and Thai fighters???? How exactly has this theory of yours been proven??? American fighters have definitely been on a come up as of late, and Kevin Ross remains a force to be reckon with, but to say that American Muay Thai is up to par with European and THAI fighters is just a lil presumptuous. aMERICANS are at least 30 years behind the Europeans and centuries behind the Thais. I find your statement very disrespectful to fighters like Ramon Dekker, Dany Bill, Jean Charles Skarbowsky, Mourad Sari, Damien Alamos, Ivan Hyppolite, Stephane Nikiema, Liam Harrison, Fabio Pinca, Andy Howson, Albert Chey, JWP etc…who have BEATEN some of the best Thais.

    Kevin Ross in my opinion has lead the way for Americans to finally be recognized. He is also the ONLY american fighter that I believe can be compared to the Thais and Europeans right now.

    American Muay Thai is definitely INFERIOR to European and Thai. SMMFH!

  2. Mickey Briao on

    I admit that NORTH AMERICA is behind the curb, but saying that Kevin Ross is our only Golden boy is not really accurate. Ky Hollenbeck has defeated a few notable European fighters Including Jordan Watson and Gregory Choplin. Simon Marcus “North American Fighter from Canada” Is doing great things and will be facing Artem Levin this month. I think its more of a arrogance on the part of European fighters to even class themselves with Thai Greats… But you do. With some exceptional fighters like the few listed in spydamans entry the majority are not on the level of the Thais. And the fact of the matter is that we are taking these fights and winning some of them. It is fair to say that the stigma has been squashed.Its only going up from here. look at the top names flocking to the shows over here at first chance. Also once Muay thai goes mainstream here in the states and pop culture grabs on to it guess what? The fighters can make some real money and there will be more motivation for guys to leave MMA and do what they love. The whole feeling of superiority is just against the spirit of the sport anyway but we all can go about this however we want. I just want great fights and great fighters.

    • Simon Marcus is a beast! If anyones got links for the Hollenbeck/watson fight or the hollenbeck/Simon Chu fight Id love to see them.Iv heard the decisions were very ropey to say the least. Romie admaza has beat that Langsuek or what ever his name is with a great ko, and has a win over Andy howson (?) but again heard that that was a horrible decision aswell?

      I would agree that from what Iv seen the USA does seem to be a long way behind the best of Europe and obviously Thailand,by a long long mark.I dont quite understand why though.There seems to be so many big name Thais teaching over there, and a few other great fighters.Cant remember his name that French/African guy whose got his own gym etc, he was amazing in his day. We have got no one really of the calibre of Lerdsilla, Coban, Bunkerd, Enn, Ganyao, and Jongsanaan, Saekson Janjira, and probably a whole load of others I dont know?( Isnt Attichai in Florida somewhere?) There should literally be swarms of amazing American Nak muay with that kind of pedegree teaching

    • Ur first statement already completely proves my point but I’ll entertain this either way.

      Kevin is definitely the face of Muay Thai in the US and the golden boy and what sets him apart is the fact that he fought the BEST…..Seanchai, Sagetdao and Sittisak. To be the best you have to fight the best (not the washed up who used to be the best 5 years ago)

      Ky Hollenbeck is a great STRIKER,,,I never considered him a purist in the art of Muay Thai but thats my only opinion. He defeated Jordan Watson with a very controversial decision and Gregry Choplin (Who now resides in FLorida, USA) was far away from being one of the best in France but he is definitely one of the best in the US that should tell u something. Hint!

      So now it’s “NORTH AMERICAN” Mickey…..no longer “AMERICAN” how convenient!……lol…I like the switch…..WELL, I knew you were gonna bring up Canadian fighters because you couldn’t find anyone other than Kevin in the US to help your case. Canada and the US are in two different MT community….and two different circuit so to even talk as if they are unified is just silly and although you probably won’t admit that you were solely thinking of the US fighters when you were referring to “American Muay Thai” (because including Canadians will help your case right now), Canadians are inferior to Thais and Europeans as well so we can put that to rest too. Also, naming Simon Marcus does nothing to help you with the comparison of “NORTH America” to THailand as he fights at 175lbs and other than maybe a washed up Kaoklai, there aren’t many true Thais in that weight class…..next….

      Nowhere in my post did I ever said Europeans are on the same level as Thais…Now you’re putting words in my mouth. But I’ll tell u this…..Ramon Dekkers alone probably defeated more NOTABLE Thais than the whole US Muay Thai fighting community put together. (this might “slightly” exaggerated though…lol)

      the majority of the ppl in my list are not on the level with THAIS??? Mickey, I hope your not serious.

      “Top names are flocking to the shows over here” just like their flocking to the shows everywhere around the world where they get paid a good amount of money…So you, making that statement served absolutely no point.

      #1 Asia
      #2 Europe
      #3 Oceania (Australia)
      #4 the Americas
      #5 Nobody worth mentioning

      Now don’t get me wrong….The Muay Thai scene in the US has definitely exploded and they are definitely on an upward slope, but Muay Thai is not even mainstream here as of now….yet you want to misinform our readers by saying that they have already caught up to the Europeans who have been fighting in Thailand since the early 80s, while Americans were still fighting in satin pants and footsies?? AND u want to compare them to the thais who have been using this style since the 16th century????? No sir!!!

      Oh and btw, your first statement completely proves my point.

      Also, I really don’t mean to sound like a dick….I don’t mean to disrespect you, but your statement was way outta line.

      • was that aimed at that mikey guy or me? Im from the uk spydaman.I got to say in my opinion Im not sure the europeans are all that great either.We have some notable exceptions but its defo the minority.I live in a city where within a 35 mile radius there’s probably around 20-35 (maybe more) gyms offering Muay Thai of some description or another and with 1 or 2 exceptions Id say they were all hopeless.Within a 100 mile radius I couldnt even count how many gyms offer muay thai.I would bet only about 2% are any good

        the dutch debate gets thrown in a lot. Ramon Dekkers (RIP) was definately an exception, and a brilliant one at that.The majority of the dutch dont really fight full muay thai.The Uk has a handful of great fighters as does france, Italy, belorus etc.But definately the minority.

        i reiterate with some opf the unbelievable trainers in the USA I would imagine that there could be 30+ really good US Nak Muay within a veryshort space of time that were internationally known

        • Manant, the rant was definitely not towards you.
          Ronnie Green, Liam Harrison, Jordan Watson, Damien Trainor, Andy Howson, Michael Wakeling were/are all VERY good fighters in their own right. Now as I mentioned before the Europeans have been introduce to Muay Thai around 30 years ago and the Thais have been doing for centuries so the comparison is not there…..but to say that the US is up there with them (instead of saying “They are catching up”) is just plain wrong.
          Ramon Dekkers spent 7 years fighting the thais at their rules before fighting overseas again but I will agree with you that most dutch don’t fight full muay thai, that’s why Dekkers and Hypolite were the only dutch fighters I mentioned in my prior post.
          I also want to apologize to Mickey but I automatically thought you and the author of this article were the same person so forget the “north american” vs “american” part of my post. Also, I didn’t want to start an argument, I just felt compelled to express my dislike for that particular part of the article, nothing against the author himself…..so let’s move on.

          • The Dutch shouldnt even be included in this argument. Hippolyte,Rayen Simson, Amrani are’nt even Dutch. Big difference between a nederlander and a buitenlander. That’s a whole diff issue though. The Dutch are so ignorant and arrogant when it comes to Muay THai that they re-mixed it,made it better and call it DUTCH muay thai. Laughable!!!! Walk into ANY dutch kickboxing gym and you will be greeted by a very kyokushinish OSU!!! They call round kicks middle kicks,hi kicks mawashi’s and then have the nerve to associate it with my beloved Muay Thai? Dont get me started on clinch,elbows,padwork and sparring. It all sucks! Hippolyte was genuinely pleased when he saw I didnt do the dumb ass hopping, een twee dree low trappe combos. Aside from a handful of trainers like him in holland the rest is a kyokushin/boxing hybrid being passed off as DUTCH muay thai. SMFH!

  3. Top American Nak Muay
    1. Joe Shilling (the yard)
    2. Uriah Hall (Tiger Schulmans Karate and MMA)
    3. Omar Ahmed >Kevin Ross (Omar edges Ross due to O’s 540 spinning flying knees and his smooth skin)

  4. As an American, I think that America has a long way to go before we can claim to be at the level of some of the European countries, most especially England and France, who’ve got camps like Bad Company and Team Nasser that are regularly fighting prominent Thais, and giving them good fights, and sometimes even winning. IMO, the top Americans are the up and comers, like Jay Matias and Ognjen Topic. I think those two, and some others, will be taking the reigns and bringing the US to a new standard. Guys that are starting young, fighting with full rules, making trips to Thailand, will be able to hang better internationally.

  5. lmfao @ Nakmeezy, ur such a fool. @manant, O Topic is definitely on his way to being the next best thing. …..him and Jay Matias. @ Grime, you are saying exactly what I was saying (only u were more tactful than I was….lol).

  6. I do not think the Author of this piece intended or implied any “disrespect or Insult” to any Fighters from any region on the planet.A simple mention that the Muay Thai fights staged in the United States are not a complete blowout by the Thais and that these Fights are now more competitive than years gone by.

    We all can agree that the Thai’s invented the Sport so they will always have the upper hand in the game.

    Spydaman needs to submit some stories of his own so as not to be so easily offended.

    BTW,,Looks like I will be at the next M-One Muay Thai blowout coming up.

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