Lion Fight VIII


For those of you without a AXS tv here is the most recent Lion Fights. The bouts are great, my personal favorite being Remy Bonnel vs. Josh Shepard. It was great to see these fights on my tv. Hopefully the popularity of Muay Thai continues to grow.

The Malapet fight is at 9:30

The Ross fight at 1:17

Van Soest fight at 1:46



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  1. i like the banter of malaipets opponents cornermen in between matches as he was getting his ass whooped, “youre standing there like a muay thai fighter, we dont do that.” [with mike mannanquil standing there too..] then he gets KO’ed via kicking malaipets stone shins.

  2. ross made kiatkowski look like a handicapped 5 year old kid. it was almost offending to see how bad he was. whole time i just kept thinking this is such a sweep its a waste of everyones time, including kevins.

    • I don’t like taking anything away from anyone, and Chris deserves his due respect, but it was definitely super one sided. But Chris is scrappy as hell and can eat some mean hits. Probably the right choice for Kevin as his first fight after a big surgery

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