“Lion Fight 8” announced on AXS TV Yodsanklai vs Gregory Choplin


Lion Fight Promotions based out of Las Vegas, NV announced last week that they solidified a TV Deal with AXS TV to debut their next event “Lion Fight 8” on National television. “Lion Fight 8” takes place January 25th, 2013 inside the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. The main event will consist of Three time Lumpinee Champion Yodsanklai Fairtex vs Gregory Choplin. This will be Gregory Choplin’s fourth Lion Fight appearance defeating Chaz Mulkey & exciting new comer Joseph Valtellini at the previous two Lion Fight events, and losing to Ky Hollenbeck at Lion Fight’s second installment “Battle in the Desert 2.” This will be Yodsanklai’s first fight in the United States. He was supposed to fight for the “Muay Thai Premier League” in Long Beach, California last year. He came but didn’t fight due to an injury.

It’s a monumental growth for Muay Thai in the United States to now be on national television, and Muay Thai fans are very excited. Tiffany Van Soest will be facing Alexis Rufus in the co-main event. Undefeated & WBC International Champion Tiffany Van Soest just signed a multi-fight deal with Lion Fight Promotions. American Thai Boxer Kevin Ross also just signed a multi-fight deal with Lion Fight Promotions, & will be appearing at “Lion Fight 8” too once they find a match up for him. Kevin Ross has been inactive since he lost to Sagetdao Petpayathai at the M-One Grand in October of last year. He had an ACL replacement & is ready to step back into the ring where he belongs.


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  1. Please Yodsanklai don’t let me down! Especially in-front of the American crowd! I don’t think I could bear watching yod getting his ass kicked whilst the crowds chanting “USA! USA!” I still believe in him he just needs that push to train hard for this fight, not just from his trainers but from himself. I believe in you Yod!!!

    Its funny that after the one loss Yod had in Thai fight they completely stopped using him in the Thai fight promotions! Like they couldn’t have any of there special Thai fighters lose! Fabio lost to Kem in Thai fight and a year later Fabio fights again in Thai fight against Saiyok. So I guess when a farang loses its okay to come back and lose again but when a Thai of Yods status gets knocked down then he gets the boot. You know eventually the Thai people are going to get bored of seeing Buakaw smash the shit out of someone and there going to want to see a close fight! That’s just how humans are built. We like an underdog!

    • So it’s very political… let’s go back in time… Thai Fight sold a sponsorship… the deal was the star of the show Buakaw has to fight on the show otherwise Thai Fight would have issues with the sponsors…

      While this was going on, certain gym owners protested… saying buakaw shouldn’t be able to fight until his legal issues are resolved.

      Those gym owners who protested, are no longer a part of Thai fight.


    • No matter where you are that country cheers for their fighters, why is it when American’s do it everyone gets pissed. China, Thailand, Mexico..anywhere you go people have pride in the fighters that are representing them and I think it’s that pride and passion that helps make fights even more exciting

  2. Im gonna be honest, Huggy Bear…..I’ve lived in France for about 15 years and watch countless sports on TV or in person while residing there and while it is normal as u say for a country to have pride in their fighters (or athletes all the same)….if my memory serves me right, I have never heard the chants “France! France! France!” come outta the crowd. I don’t ever remember Japan yelling “Nippon! Nippon! Nippon!” during the old Pride days. Sure they will chant their athlete’s name….but to sit there and chant “USA USA USA!” during a sporting event is not only arrogant (imo) but it’s also kinda like saying “FUCK YOUR COUNTRY!!!” (pardon my french). Why can’t it just be Kevin Ross vs Sagetdao??…Why does it have to be USA vs Thailand??? Why can’t it just be Condit vs GSP???…Why does it have to be USA vs Canada???

    Im saying all this with all due respect, of course.

    • i agree with usa being the only ones to chant their own country. sounds so stupid. maybe use a song or something….but the usa chanting surely came from inbreeding.

    • you wana know what’s annoying, fighting in someone elses country and having the freaking commentators cheer on the guy your fight on the loud speaker during the fight as well as screaming the country’s name out over and over again. Like I said every country does it, not sure why people get so butt hurt when it’s USA

      • thats to be expected when you are fighting on foreign soil….just like every other counrty views americans as ignorant dumb monkeys who like to chant USA USA USA and do dumb shit like vote for bush and know nothing about foreign affairs and how the US has used every country to get what they want. i think thats way more annoying than listening to a commentator who is obviously not on your side.

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