Liam Harrison vs Soishiro Miyakoshi.

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Published on November 11, 2010 with 4 Comments

This fight was part of the Thai Fight 8 man tournament taking place at HuaMark stadium.  This was a semi final match for Liam… for those of you who don’t know Liam, he’s one of, if not the UK’s top Nak Muay.  He fights out of the Bad Company Gym (along with Jordan Watson & Andy Howson)   He’s currently 62 Wins and 8 Losses?  While in Thailand he trains out of Jitti Gym.

It wasn’t the most brilliant performance from Harrison… but as you’ll see there were some other factors.

*Spoiler Alert*

As some of you may heard, Liam was later disqualified for being a 1kg over weight.  He was taking some flack on the forums… about how he could have been over.   This is his side of the story:

“hi mate the basis of all that happened was i got ill…i had a stomach virus in the week building up to the fight which stopped me training as hard as id like but my walk round weight is 69kg and i usually cut to 63kg over 10-12days, in the thailand heat tho i just decided to run fo an hour the morning of the weigh in as thats what i did last time and ended up weighing 66kg which was lighter than everyone else…however the virus was so bad

By the morning of the wiegh in i was feeling really sick and vomiting and was in no state to fight, everytime i tried to put the sweat suit on and run a bit i was just pukin, not alot either it was just green and yellow bile and then bits of blood…i wasnt even going to fight i was so ill but got talked into it..i was 68kg at the weigh in and was ill so couldnt lose the kilo…thats all there is to it really, everyone can see in the fight that it wasnt my usuall self and i was lucky not to be facing one of the strong fighters in the tournament…my next fight is in 3 weeks on dan greens doncaster show at 63.5kg”

Best of luck of to Liam in his upcoming fight!

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  1. Thanks for the upload Nop!

    I thought it was good performance by Liam Harrison. Very good style and powerful. You can tell right away he’s training the Thai’s way ;-)

    As for Miyakoshi, I was disappointed. What started on a good note, became K1 style pretty fast. I wouldn’t be surprise to learn that he has a background in Karate (not saying this because he’s from Japan) as he’s keeping his chin up all the time and working in combinaisons. I couldn’t help it and think, all through the fight, that he would get KOed form a blow to the head…

    On a side note: what’s wrong with this crowd ??!! It might be that the microphone didn’t catch it (wich I doubt), but they didn’t even seems to cheer for the winner by KO!! Can a crowd be a douche-bag ?? haha!

  2. that crowd was very lame! Didn’t have the spirit of a thai boxing fight. Liam looked great as ever and if he was sick ass hell he’s a true trooper!

  3. was that dzhabar askerov in the audience?

  4. must be nice to know you can still whoop ass whilst deathly ill. dude rules.

    adrian – yeah that did look like dhazbar and ramazan ramazanov to his right.

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