Liam Harrison Vs. Dylan Salvadore

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Published on November 09, 2013 with 15 Comments

Many thanks to Rob147snow for the uploads. This is Liam’s bout with Team Nassar fighter .  Liam’s got a full schedule coming up.  He’ll be facing Kaew Fairtex in Jan in Thailand, Damien Alamos in March, and Greg Wootton in the summer.  I know lots’ of people in my circle are really looking forward to the Harrison, Wootton bout.  Greg is a friend and I’ve watched him rise through the ranks.  Anyway, that’s for a separate post/interview.

This is liam’s latest effort against a very strong salvadore.  Let’s see how they get on.

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Final Round

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  1. Liam’s high right was just plain vicious.

  2. this is prob a stupid question but was that being filmed from a different room?

  3. Yeah mate behind glass in VIP room

    • Nice one mate. When are you headed to Thailand?

  4. makes sense now! Great performance, congrats on the W. The Kaew fights gona be awesome.

  5. Go to Thailand just after new year mate

  6. Liam, do you know where you’ll be fighting Kaew yet? I hope in or around Bangkok.

    • I think it’s supposed to go down in Pattaya?

  7. i know liam had a strategy but why didnt he punch dylan in the face more?

    • yeah liam was ahead by a long way all the way through, didnt really look like he even got in to top gear. “Easy” points win (i use the term easy loosely here!), nothing wrong with that. Although I wonder if SE is alluding to the fact that you could have had the opportunity to punch a Frenchman more in the face and thats a missed opportunity, as opposed to looking for an easy KO? hahaha

      • exactly. liams got fast hands…wouldnt have killed me to watch some combos to dylans face via royal mail. ha.

  8. What was the point playing his game when I was winning easily. I was just doing what I was told by my corner. Iv never seen Salvador dropped so didn’t want to go head hunting when I was in firm control

  9. Via Royal Mail hahaha next time just for you mate ha

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