LethweiLethwei is a system of fighting from Myanmar; it’s similar in style to Muay Thai and Cambodian Pradal Serey. I know next to nothing about Lethwei, but I’m interested. Lethwei is sometimes referred as the Science of 9 limbs because they allow head butts.

I’m not here to discuss which style is better etc. If any of you know anything about Thai history, there has been a fair amount of hostility between our two countries. Despite being centuries old conflict many Thai’s to this day continue to hold a grudge (My mom included).

I found this clip and I almost didn’t post it because of the annoying sound effects. These guys are straight wilding! This shit is crazy, If I ever make it over to Myanmar I’m definitely catching buying tickets. .

I guess it’s indicative of bare knuckle contests, that the fighters are looking to end the fight as soon as possible. It seems to me that there is very little around attrition; no wearing your opponents down with leg kicks. It’s all or nothing. Maybe it’s just because they’re only showing the first 20 seconds of the fight?

It’s strange to say this, but it all seems quite foreign to me. I know they’re neighboring countries but even watching these short clips there seems to be some fundamental differences. Maybe I’m tripping, It’s just the impression I get.

Have any of you been to one of these fights? Do they have their own version of a Ram Muay?

[youtube 328YVJVtMKU]


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