Lamsongkram vs. Rayen Simson – Slamm 5


Looks like the Slamm 5 fights are beginning to trickle out…  Many thanks to Patbr for the upload.

[youtube uLAT-pPhwBQ]

Lamsongkram (Chai) is a friend of MMT and I always look forward to his fights.

I don’t know what happened here.  Everything started off looking good.  I’ve watch the clip a couple of times and I still can’t figure out how he got the cut.  The only thing it could have been was an inadvertant headbutt.

He looked pretty cheesed, I think that’s the most emotion I’ve ever seen from a Thai Nak Muay.  Oh well, hopefully I’ll get a chance to go the rematch.  I know we’ve got some community members going out to train at Chuwattana… maybe we can get LDF to conduct an interview?


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  1. Word is that it was caused by a headbutt (, so it seems you would be right Nopstar.

    I was a little worried about Lamsongkram at first b/c judging from Simson’s older fights, I thought he might overwhelm Lamsongkram…

    but honestly, i think if this wasn’t stopped when it was, Lamsongkram would have probably won a well deserved decision. He looked relaxed, but definitely game. Shame about that cut.

  2. quick points:
    1) perfect “thaistyle” opening round, 10-10 score
    2) are elbows allowed or not? 2 times lam looked like he was gone crease simson when on the ropes, but held out.
    4) how can a decision be made after 1 1/2 rounds?
    5) lam’s relative anger
    makes me wonder sometimes if thai nak muays are starting to be a bit corrupted by exposure to “western sports” emotion

  3. honestly i don’t think lamsongkram acted relatively too angry for a nak muay. it’s only normal if you feel that you have lost unfairly. especially when you’re actually representing your country in this. there’s a lot more pride involved than when fighting back home in thailand.

    anyway take a look at this old video of a fight between samart and nampon. samart opened up a gash on nampon’s face which stopped the fight. nampon’s reaction was a lot more firey than lamsongkran’s

  4. Hey, celtic1967

    Just in response

    2) are elbows allowed or not? 2 times lam looked like he was gone crease simson when on the ropes, but held out.

    -Yes, elbows were allowed in this fight, as well as all the other thai vs holland fights on this card

  5. I don’t know but i just feel that a head butt causing a cut like this is unlikely…how bout the right elbow threw by Rayen at 6:50…tat’s the only elbow he threw..happens to cut lamsongkram’s left eye when he was dodging I guess…btw, i do think he has a reason to get angry…coz in thailand, fighters don’t get stopped becoz of a cut like this..tat’s why he was frustrated…

  6. Bad luck for chai. He needs to curb his desires to show off – the pony tail, the showboating, its not endearing. I know from my time at Chuwattana Gym, he’s not really like that at training, perhaps he trying to please.

    Im off there again soon so will report back. As a young woman going to train alone its a safe place – a real thumbs up to the Chuwattana gang. They are real gents (until we go for karaoke and they try and pile into my room at 2am!! – but I wont fall for those tricks!!!)

  7. In thailand the fight continue if just one cut like this. In thailand people fight for their gym, their country and the pride so his anger is of course… like greghow said blood wasn’t tricking down his face

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