Lamsongkram Chuwattana vs. Farid Villaume


Ah so it looks like most of the vids have been taken down.  The fight promotion company has been feverishly emailing people for copyright infringement.  Oh well, not making friends with me or this community.

This post makes a lot less sense with out the clip…  if you would rather wait to view the fight, don’t read any further.

Holy Crap where did they find the announcers for this event?  I’m not sure who I find more irritating Hammer the Australian announcer from the Contender Asia or these guys?  Actually I think Hammer actually knows what the hell he’s talking about.

For those of you who are watching this from outside the US… these announcers are typical of northern California.  I don’t know if you’re going to fly in legit fighters, a legit Thai ref, is it so hard to find someone who knows what their talking about?

I love when Lamsongkrams Pra Jiap was slipping… “Their bicep decoration or braid!”  This fight was pretty much the same as the fight Lamsongkram had in LA against Johan Lidon.  I was pretty shocked with Villaume, I didn’t expect this at all.  If you watch his fight with Yod, he’s an entirely different fighter.

I’m not sure what was going on… I know he’s had some issues in his last few fights but he looked like he just shut down in there.  Maybe he didn’t see a way in and just didn’t have the motivation to continue.

Lamsongkram backed off Lidon in the same way.  In Thailand it’s sort of gentlemen’s agreement.  It doesn’t really fly outside of Thailand.  The idea is… I’ve just beaten you, if you agree I will lay off you so we don’t risk injury.   People generally want to see a fight to the finish…  Lamsongkram told me he enjoys fighting outside of Thailand, because people get fired up with his style of fighting (elbows).  I don’t know if he quite knows that the audience will turn on him if he lays off his opponent.  The other explanation is he could have gotten his hands on some milk.

Funny story… we were talking about his fight in LA and he explained that he really felt like shit.  He was having some serious stomach issues.  I asked if he was sick or if he had a bug… he replied “No I just drank some milk.” I think to myself maybe he just drank some dodgy milk… I say to him “maybe you got some bad milk? ”  “He replies I don’t know I don’t normally drink milk!”   WTF?  “You don’t normally drink milk?” “No never” he replies…  So I ask him “what the hell were you thinking?  Do you normally deviate from your diet before a big fight?  He said he was feeling particularly weak that day and thought by drinking a glass of milk before the fight it would give him some added energy.  For those of you who don’t know, a lot of Asians I’d say most are lactose intolerant.  (Bad, smelly things happen to us when we drink milk) So I asked him are you going to get any milk in Jamaica?

In all I would have liked to have seen some more action by both parties


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  1. Lamsongkram said in the interview before the fight that he will be pitting his elbows against Farid’s punches and did just that.. but it was his repeated knees in Round Two that broke Farid’s right rib cage.

    Fighters tend to continue to fight despite such injuries, possibly due to the endorphin rush of the moment…

    By Round 4 and 5, Farid was completely out of it, and even Lamsongkram appeared not willing to continue.

    Not exactly sure whether how heroic/ idiotic it was for Farid not to stop earlier,,. despite the unforgiving crowd and ignorant Hammer!

  2. I don’t know where to lay the blame for this poor fight:

    1 – Lamsongkram for not pushing a helpless Villaume (either into KO or abandonment)
    2 – Villaume for not quitting once it became obvious he could not be competitive
    3 – the ref for not stopping a completely non-competitive fight (as he would have done in Thailand)

    …but in the end I think I will go with 3. Lam was just riding out a huge lead, thai style. Villaume was just being stubborn, not wanting to lose a 4th one in a row …so it was up to the judge to settle the mess.

  3. And about the commentators: I agree they were absolutely horrible. If you’re going to comment an event like this, at least be professional enough to pronounce the fighters’ names semi-correctly and perhaps ‘YouTube’ a few fights of *Farid fucking Villaume*! Saying you are surprised that ‘a guy who is 99-4’ would fight like this pretty much betrays the fact that you haven’t seen a single one of his fights and therefore don’t know shit about MT.

  4. okay i remember on the contender naruepols ringman knew he was in the lead and told him not to hurt his opponent any further in one of his fights. think this might be the case?

    also his ‘body slam’ over the ropes was some of the craziest shit ive ever seen. LOL lamsongkram seemed to have enjoyed that quite a bit. lamsongkram is a scary ass dude in the ring.

  5. Nyghtsky, I think Farid was outta it since round 1 and it got worst and worst. I really think somethin must have happened outta the ring for him to behave that way.

    Farid’s corner was beggin’ for him to attack but he just wouldn’t do anythin and that’s really not like him, watch his fight vs yod.

    Colargol, I have a #4…..I blame Villaume’s CORNER for not throwin in the towel, when their fighter clearly was outta da fight.

    The commentators, definitely had no idea what they were talkin about. They had no idea who Farid was from the beginning, and at the end of the fight one of them called Lamsongkram “Yodsanklai”…not once…but twice.

    Nop, u were right, this is one of the weirdest fight I have ever seen, but usually things like that happen because of somethin other than the fight itself (death in the family, side bet, sickness, disagreement with the promoters…etc….).

    I agree with Lamsongkram not kickin’ a man while he’s down (watch the fight and u’ll see the irony of what I’ve just said…hehehe )

  6. >

    I tend to go with the comment above; and believe that even Yoddy follow suit at the beginning of Round 3 of his fight; Malaipet obviously mistook that as a sign of weakness and was made to pay dearly!

  7. I kind of like that “gentlemen’s agreement,” but sometimes its better just to get them out of there than to take a prolonged beating. Did Yod ever fight Lamsongkram?

  8. Yod hardly fights Thai fighters anymore. There was Naruepol last year in Contender Asia and before that, his victory over Samkor Keatmontep at Lumpinee back in June 2005.

    Anyway, Lamsongkram is a Middleweight Class fighter whereas Yoddy’s Super/ Welterweight Class.

  9. You are correct spyda, and Yod is always giving the beatdown- gentlemen’s agreement or not! Also, may be why he is so popular with outside Thailand. Samkor is/was harldly a MW anyway.

  10. “What an IDIOT! LOL he should’ve just drank something with protein powder”????…..ok!…so lemme get this str8…..he’s an idiot for drinking milk???…Or maybe ur sayin he’s an idiot for not knowin that he was lactose intolerant? Ur statement makes absolutely no sense.

    an idiot is “person so mentally deficient as to be incapable of ordinary reasoning”, for example a person who makes judgement calls on someone else without ordinary reasoning would be qualified as an idiot.

    Tong Po..ur right about Samkor.

  11. Spydaman: I think Villaume might not have told his corner about the pain in his ribcage because throughout the fight they were desperately urging him to ‘let his hands go’, ‘go in’ and even saying ‘are you gonna throw or what?’ they just thought he was being tentative.

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