Kings Cup 2008


This December 5th Thailand will be celebrating the King’s 81st birthday.  One Songchai promotions will be putting on the 2008 Kings Cup Championship tournament.

As some of you might have been aware the Songchai promotion machine is a family affair.  Songchai Jr. Has been very active promoting the event online.    I know the Songchai fights have always been very big on promoting Muay Thai worldwide.  If I remember correctly most of the fighters in the Kings Cup are foreign fighters.

I’m not sure how many “A” class fighters are trolling MMT, but they’re still taking applications for fighters wanting to take part in these historic fights.

So what do you guys think? Any of you up for the challenge?  I might sign up Diimak just for shits and giggles.  Would be kind of cool if someone from the community could reprezant.  If you’re interested you can apply here.  If you’ve got any question you can email them here.

Any takers?


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