Kevin v. Sanchai


I’m never quite sure when it’s ok to start taking about these things… but it seems like the our brothers at Muay Thai Authority are talking about it so it should be fine.  As you may or may not have heard, our man Huggy Bear is heading into the ring with Sanchai!

Kevin Ross

Some other notable names on the card are Kaoklai Rungravee, Coke.  As you know Rungravee is one of my favourite fighters…  if you’ve never seen him fight live, I promise you won’t  be disappointed.  You can view the whole line up here.  Buakaw was a name that was initially tossed around, but it seems like America will have to wait.  The good people at standup up promotions continue to bring it.  You need to support your local shows, get out there spread the word, buy some tickets.  It’s the only way we’ll continue to grow.  If you are in and around Anaheim in August, you have no excuses… you should be there.

You guys have mentioned if I can get any special MMT rates, I doubt it as I don’t know anyone from standup… but if anyone knows who to put me in touch with, I’d be happy to ask.


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