Kevin Ross vs Matt Embree Co-Main Event for “Lion Fight 10″ July 26th

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Kevin Ross vs Matt Embree

Published on April 19, 2013 with 10 Comments

Lion Fight Promotions today announced their Co-Main Event for “Lion Fight 10.” Kevin Ross vs Matt Embree. Yodsanklai will be fighting in the main event.

Kevin Ross has been paving the way for American Muay Thai for some time now. He’s been 2-0 since recuperating from ACL Surgery. In his debut back he fought Chris Kwiatkowski (New York) at “Lion Fight 8.” First, a unanimous decision win over Chris Kwiatkowski and then a split decision win over Bernie Mendieta from the UK. Kevin Ross was sick when he fought Mendieta from a bug he caught in Thailand pulling out a close decision win.

Kevin Ross vs Chris Kwiatkowski "Lion Fight 8"

Kevin Ross’s return vs Chris Kwiatkowski “Lion Fight 8″

Matt Embree recently beat Ben Yelle at the Pushkick Promotion Show “Muay Thai World Standoff.” He originally was supposed to fight Legend Matee. Prior to that he beat fellow Canadian Nate Smandych on short notice. Matt Embree trains under Ajahn Suchart in Toronto, Canada with Simon Marcus. His last loss was vs Lerdsila at the previous Push Kick Show.

Matt Embree (Siam No.1) vs Ben Yelle (Double Dose Muay Thai) Pushkick Promotions "Muay Thai World Standoff"

Matt Embree (Siam No.1) vs Ben Yelle (Double Dose Muay Thai) Pushkick Promotions “Muay Thai World Standoff”

Pictures by: Vang Her and Marty Rockatansky Fight Photography.

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  1. I am excited about this fight.

  2. Embree will rape Ross via superior style and technique, but Ross will win the inevitable hometown decision because embree- though being better than Ross in every aspect of Muay Thai besides boxing, is not a huge finisher.

    • Well you would think if it’s a rape then it would be hard to get a home town decision. Regardless I look forward to it, ain’t had a good rapeing in a long time

      • knock matt embree out please. cus you love and respect me, and to spite canada.

        • great now I might hafta take a dive

          • WOW, u got robbed. good fight

    • i don’t understand comments like this, lol… will “rape” Ross… come on man! Willing to put some moolah down on it?! Nothing but faith in Kevin Ross.

  3. Rape is such a powerfull word.

    Considering Ross has fought some of the Best Thais in his weight class, with A vastly superior style and technique than Embree, and held His own,It should be a close Fight.

  4. LOL, they’re both very good at what they do, will be a great match up and a great fight regardless!!!

  5. Kev’s hands >Matt’s hands
    Kev’s clinch<Matt's clinch
    I think Kevins "gameness" will be the deciding factor if he does'nt get cut by a sneaky elbow.
    Kevin Ross by decision or rape stoppage.

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