Kem Sitsongpeenong vs. Andy Souwer


This was from this past weeks S-cup tournament held in Tokyo. This is tournament is a Shooto/shootboxing tournament, where standing locks and throws are legal.  In the past a few notable Thai nak muay have entered, Bovy sor. Udomsorn and Buakaw.  Buakaw won the tournament when it was last held in 2010.  This year Kem Sitsongpeenong and Bovy Sor Udomsorn represent Thailand.

I’m not really sure how they score shooto… I suspect that throws count for quite a bit.  I thought Kem did fairly well, but I suspect his clinch throws and knee’s in the clinch counted for squat. I know a bunch of the MMT Tour Alumni have had their heads caught in Kem’s vice, and to be fair looked just like and Souwer.

I’m not going to post the rest of the tournament, so I’ll let you know that Andy went on to win the whole tournament.  Andy’s a tough bastard, probably one of the greatest kickboxers of our generation for sure.

Kem hasn’t had much success internationally, he’s at the top of his game, but really only does well fighting other nak muay or Muay Thai rules.   Anyway he’s fighting Yod in a couple of weeks, should be a win for him and then hopefully we’ll get to see a Kem v. Buakaw match up.


many thanks to kkkwwwaaaakkk for posting this clip.


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