Kem Sitsongpeenong vs. Andy Souwer


This was from this past weeks S-cup tournament held in Tokyo. This is tournament is a Shooto/shootboxing tournament, where standing locks and throws are legal.  In the past a few notable Thai nak muay have entered, Bovy sor. Udomsorn and Buakaw.  Buakaw won the tournament when it was last held in 2010.  This year Kem Sitsongpeenong and Bovy Sor Udomsorn represent Thailand.

I’m not really sure how they score shooto… I suspect that throws count for quite a bit.  I thought Kem did fairly well, but I suspect his clinch throws and knee’s in the clinch counted for squat. I know a bunch of the MMT Tour Alumni have had their heads caught in Kem’s vice, and to be fair looked just like and Souwer.

I’m not going to post the rest of the tournament, so I’ll let you know that Andy went on to win the whole tournament.  Andy’s a tough bastard, probably one of the greatest kickboxers of our generation for sure.

Kem hasn’t had much success internationally, he’s at the top of his game, but really only does well fighting other nak muay or Muay Thai rules.   Anyway he’s fighting Yod in a couple of weeks, should be a win for him and then hopefully we’ll get to see a Kem v. Buakaw match up.


many thanks to kkkwwwaaaakkk for posting this clip.


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  1. Kem has been a flake this year. He would have won this fight if he didn’t get tired in the 3rd round. Still should have won IMO, but whatever.

    Buakaw vs. Kem or Buakaw vs. a good Thai will never happen. Buakaw will spend his last years of fighting against lesser farangs in Thai Fight.

    Yod will beat Kem if he’s in decent shape. But neither of them have looked too motivated as of late.

  2. I’m sorry but does Andy Souwer know someone or have a powerful family member in the Mafia who has a hatred for Thai’s and will not let him lose to one? lol like does he threaten the judges with death threats. Its ridiculous! Anyone out there reading this when you can take a look at Yods fight against souwer in slamm. I am certain of it that yod won but the judges gave it to souwer! He faced Buakaw 3 times, 2 of which I thought Buakaw won but the judges gave to souwer! The only one Buakaw won was the fight where Buakaw actually knocked him out so obviously he couldn’t of taken the decision or that would of been retarded! He also faced Pajonsuk which everyone said should of gone to Pajonsuk but somehow Souwer took it. I’m really confused here, it was close but Kem won this fight even if he did start to gas at the end! Maybe I have been watching too much Muay Thai fights and maybe its because the rules of shootboxing are very different but come on man a judge should know when someone looks like there getting there ass whooped even if it isn’t in the books so to speak! Oh well….

    I kind of feel sorry for Kem because he isn’t having that much luck abroad. One thing I will add thou is I am very surprised Kem started to gas towards the end especially knowing how hard Sitsongpeenong train there fighters coming up to a fight. This video was put on youtube a week or 2 ago so I am guessing it was training for this fight. They seem to be working hard:

  3. Im still laughing at SE’s “Hitler” comment…I was thinking the exact same thing when I first saw Souwer’s new hairdo.

    Now about the fight…..I really don’t understand the decision….I know throws in Shooto are worth a lotta points, but Khem tossed Souwer to the floor more time than Souwer did Khem. Also Khem basically neutralized most of Souwer’s strike (except for a couple flurries). Also, is it me or did the referee tell Khem that he wasn’t allowed to throw side/slap knees to the side??? Then after that I realized that Khem was basically just kneeing Souwer’s leg from the clinch for the remaining of the fight. I’m really curious to know exactly what won Souwer the fight. I really don’t understand.

    I have watched a video of Khem training for this fight at Sitsongpeenong and it looks like they put a lotta emphasis on dumping from the clinch…that actual same dump he successfully used over and over on Souwer throughout the fight. I’m sure they paid Khem good to take this fight and I’m sure it was a good learning experience for him. Best of luck to him.

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