Kaoklai vs. Joe Schilling


Hey guys here is the latest footage to come out of this past weekends M-one event in LA.  Thanks to the MMA interviews team for posting this.  Anyway, not suprised by the outcome.  I actually called but I didn’t think his victory would come so early in the bout.

Hats of for a very nice victory.


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  1. Ok, so I’ll def say that I’m not much of a fan of Joe Schilling’s fighting style.. Doesn’t really say much for American Nak Muay other than the fact that he’s a VERY tough dude.. I would’ve liked to see him go deep in the fight as we have yet to see his durability. I guess my opinion is biased because I favor more of the Thai style where it’s nice and slow and the fight builds as you go deeper in the rds.

    Had Kaoklai been able to weather Joe’s storm, he could have possibly done well because Schilling was suckin wind by the end of the 1st rd. I’m looking forward to having them set up the Levin vs. Schilling fight as Levin is a COMPLETELY different fighter and is MUCH more agressive than Kaoklai. Props to Schilling for being a good name but it’s only going to get that much harder from here on out!

  2. banana128 I couldnt agree more.Kaoklai clearly doesnt care that much anymore one way or the other.I mean he did try to fight back but it was already a lost cause.Not sure I think Kaoklai is worth the international fights he keeps getting in recent times

  3. if i recall correctly Joe’s weight on fight night was around 200lbs,

    If he’s indeed that big he should be fighting the Artem Levins and Nathan Corbett’s of the fight game IMO. He would be at a size disadvantage with corbett MAYBE, but who cares Joe said himself he wanted to fight the best.

    Hope Kaoklai isn’t seriously hurt.

    • Speaking of Kaoklai, i don’t know if taking these types of fights are good for his health, he may be a big Thai, but he’s still a very very small guy for his weightclass, seems like he’s just content with the paycheck…..

      Nathan Corbett isn’t too far of a stretch to fight Joe, even though he’s a heavy now he was a cruiserweight once upon a time….I’d personally like to see Joe fight SImon Marcus, that would be a good fight methinks. I know Schilling would be game, he always seems to be.

      C’mon promoters, no more freakshow fights, make it happen!

  4. Considering Joe’s size it would be tough for him to find an equal match up in a “Thailand vs USA” show. If I had the opportunity I would’ve taken it too, but with that said…this really shouldn’t be considered a victory for the US over Thailand as some have said. Ross fought a top Thai, the other opponents were good but most certainly not the best Thailand has to offer. Looking forward to a US vs UK show.

  5. all i can say is he needs to fight levin. that fight should be hilarious.

    kaoklai has fought many, many, many fights where he was the underdog. like i said before hes a damn gangster,

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