Kaoklai Kaennorsing vs. Cyrus Washington


This was one of the bouts from the Thailand vs. Challenger series held this past weekend at the River City Complex in Bangkok.  Many thanks to TourismPicks for his ultra sharp HD footage.  For those of you new to Muay Thai or MMT, Kaoklai was really launched into the spotlight after his K1 GP performance against might mo.  Cyrus is an American Nak Muay who’s been living and training out of Thailand for the past 3-4 years.  He’s currently training out of Phuket Top Team.  Anyway enjoy the show.


[youtube U7FQUpBOTxE 600]

[youtube ReXQ4P41EEE 600]


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  1. Good fight, even though his unorthodox MuayThai/Taekwondo hybrid style isn’t my cup of tea, i like cyrus alot, just like Kaoklai he won’t turn down a challenge, i’ve seen him fight in bareknuckle fights and he has also had a number of fights where his Thai opponent is considerably larger than him (it’s usually the other way around with non-thai vs thai fights), This being one example. True fighter’s heart.

    They should really bring him into K-1 or It’s showtime where his skillset will shine most.

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