Kaoklai in Korea


A couple of fights to report to you guys… a few days ago Kaoklai and Sinbi were mixing it up with the Hangooks.

Initially I was pretty psyched to see Kaoklai was back in the saddle. He’s had a string of pretty crushing defeats. I’m including a clip with the HL from the bouts.

Seriously I don’t know when Kaoklai is going to learn? You would think that when you’ve be KTFO as bad as he has in your last two fights you would learn to keep your hands up. Watch the vid you’ll see what I’m talking about.

[youtube 9-lNDI6xktg]

I think if he going to continue to fight he needs to get with a boxing coach asap. His hands are atrocious. If you don’t believe watch his fight with Park Yong Soo.

Am happy that he got another W under his belt and that he can still make a living fighting, but save your money dude.

Another thing… is it me or do Koreans not know how to watch a fight? The place was eerily quiet… it was like 20 people were there. I can’t talk too much shit, because most of the fights i’m at here in the States are exactly like that. The worst show I saw was at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. I think Dii Mak and I were the only ones cheering in that bitch.

Sinbi look pretty good, from what I could make out. I think he’s been on a bit of a hiatus. He was originally going to fight JWP a few months ago but was out due to injury.


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  1. Yes, that was quite an epic 8 count! LOL.
    I agree about Kaoklai’s bad bad habits. Once again, he looked careless and almost got caught. Actually, I wouldn’t even call it carelessness; the guy just has no guard to speak of and is completely open, especialy when throwing punches.
    From what I could tell from that HL though, he did seem to be using his hands *more* and working the body in a way I don’t recall seeing him do before. Maybe he is trying to address the problem. I cannot imagine his coaches not noticing it.

  2. Sinbi is awesome. As far as the Korean fans go, you have to realize Muay Thai is not huge in Korea…if that was a soccer game it would have been a whole different story.

  3. hahahaha….longest 8 count in fight history.
    Kaoklai needs to take a boxing class. Im korean and im tellin you that koreans SUCK with their hands. 100% of these korean fighters were TKD guys, then took up muay thai. anyways, thats my 2 cents

  4. about kaoklais hands and getting beat recently…i forgive him everything, it was ‘that kick’ against mighty mo that got me training in muaythai in the first place…honestly i was a bit star struck when i met him, couldn’t think of any questions to ask him!!
    Sinbi looked classy in that clip looking forward to meeting him and going to his gym soon….

  5. Kaoklai is confused or something, he needs to get those hands up. But he is odd like that, and you would think after the Tyrone Sponck fight that he would do it without anyone asking him too, but guess not.

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