Kaew Fairtex vs. Lerdsilla


Wanted to share another fight with you guys this week.  Seems like there has been a steady stream of quality fights these past few weeks.  Actually, there’s always been great fights, they just started putting them up on Siam Sport TV.

[veoh v161835913SPfS6KB]

As popular as Kaew is, I think I’ve only seen him fight a handful of times.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of footage of him out there.Most of the Bay area guys have probably had a chance to meet Kaew.  Those of you who’ve met him will agree he’s a solid kid.

Another technical bout… Lerdsillas teep is fast as hell.  It’s amazing how many times he’s able to catch Kaew on the way in. As much as I like him, I’m not sure if I agree with the decision.  I thought Lerdsilla got the better of him most rounds. Ok granted Kaew was in better condition and was gaining ground in the 4th, I’m not certain he did enough… Look to me Lerdsilla got into his head, he appeared to be having fun out there while Kaew was looking frustrated.

Good thing I’m not a judge… thoughts?


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  1. Kaew won? really? I was had your comments in mind when I watched this bout and thought that Lerdsillas had the first three rounds, the fourth was a draw (maybe going to Kaew) and the fifth was probably a draw. I know that the first round doesn’t really count that much but the second and third were pretty clearly for Lerdsillas. While Kaew was the aggressor, Lerdsillas controlled the actual pace of the fight.

    It was still a great fight. I really enjoyed watching all the slipping and ducking of kicks. The bob under a kick is hilarious. It looks so muay boran. I always imagine some fool ducking a kicking then coming up with two fists into his opponents head. Huzzah!

    matt lucas

  2. Hey Nopstar, today’s video and this Tuesday’s video are from what site (veoh)? Because they keep loading and nothing comes up…
    Great site, I log in every day… keep up the good work!

  3. Li-

    I’m sorry… veoh has been acting up lately…I keeps auto playing for me which is really annoying. Where are you from, I know veoh isn’t available in every country. If anyone knows of another place you can host videos without file size restrictions please speak up.

  4. what a fight. i hope my eye gets half as good as these guys. that lean back then duck under looked choreographed it was so perfect haha. i love watching kaew fight, such a solid nak muay.

    lerdsillas got rounds 2,3 and almost 4 but kaew picked it back up pretty well and ran most of round 5 in my eyes. i think if he spent less time smiling and wiggiling his head he could’ve stolen this from kaew. he threw alot of shots that were kinda flimsy in the 4th against kaew’s more direct shots thus giving kaew the 4th.

  5. Very entertaining fight.

    It is interesting how much ring generalship counts for thai judges even in the face of getting countered while you are moving forward.

    Anyone else bothered by Lerdsillas stance?

  6. Lerdsilla’s counter at 3:37 was soo sick. And his sweep at 7:33 was badass! I’ve never seen that move before. I love seeing such awesome technique. He looks like he has fun out there.

    Fighting counter-fighters like Lerdsilla is annoying as hell though, so I can understand why Kaew would be frustrated. In Thailand, Lersilla is getting points for his evasion right?

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