Kaew Fairtex vs. Lerdsilla


Wanted to share another fight with you guys this week.  Seems like there has been a steady stream of quality fights these past few weeks.  Actually, there’s always been great fights, they just started putting them up on Siam Sport TV.

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As popular as Kaew is, I think I’ve only seen him fight a handful of times.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of footage of him out there.Most of the Bay area guys have probably had a chance to meet Kaew.  Those of you who’ve met him will agree he’s a solid kid.

Another technical bout… Lerdsillas teep is fast as hell.  It’s amazing how many times he’s able to catch Kaew on the way in. As much as I like him, I’m not sure if I agree with the decision.  I thought Lerdsilla got the better of him most rounds. Ok granted Kaew was in better condition and was gaining ground in the 4th, I’m not certain he did enough… Look to me Lerdsilla got into his head, he appeared to be having fun out there while Kaew was looking frustrated.

Good thing I’m not a judge… thoughts?


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