K-1 World Max Eliminations 07 – Buakaw vs. Holzken


A caveat, as I mentioned in the previous post, it looks as if TBS didn’t broadcast the event in it’s entirety. They chose to show the final rounds of most of the events. As you can see, they chose to show Masato’s entire fight. Whatever, it’s broadcast in the Japanese market so what are we supposed to expect? Many thanks to WeLoveKamatari for sharing. *update* this is the full fight.*update*

Buakaw Por. Pramuk vs. Nicky Holzken Full Fight

[youtube o40WHknRrfQ]

This is the full fight. If you’re interested in seeing a much higher-res. version I’ve hosted it here. I’m not sure but I think you’ll need to download the divx plugin to view it. I know what your thinking, but trust me it’s a far superior viewing experience. I wouldn’t do you wrong.


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  1. Good going Buakw. Like i said somewhere in another post, everyone looks good on video until they face the man they call Buakw Por Pramuk. Buakaw looks again as if he wasnt trying. Look at Nieky’s face, he looks like he has some bruises and knots on his face. He must have been knocked down in the first or second round.

  2. This just shows you the disparity between the regional K-1 events, and those on the World level. Holzken was dominant in the K-1 Sweden event, but just got owned by Buakaw here. Buakaw was just crusing. His ability to stay in the pocket and slip punches is incredible. He just seems to be toying with people lately. I want to see him go off on someone like he did on Kohi when he pissed him off. Haha!!

    I wonder if Dekkers got any special reception as he was cornering Holzken.

  3. Buakaw is a master at the knee-grappling, like many Thais.

    Anyway, I thought that Holzken looked pretty good going against Buakaw- he didn’t have much of a chance, and who does really? He did give Buakaw at least one good shot this his fist though. Also, Buakaw looked a bit lazy in this one- maybe he just knew he would take it.

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  5. does anyone know where we canget this entire fight .I heard it was being broadcastedon euro sport I hope they have the whole thing. it;s just so anoying not to be able to watch a complete match.

  6. they also showed the entire fight of Kraus
    so it’s not about “japanese blahblah”
    Masato’s fight was “main event” too

    the schedule of television in Japan are really weird for everything
    really busy with all the advertising, watching a film on japanese television can be really annoying (like .. advertising time .. the film’s back but they didn’t “pause” during the advertising

  7. What about the other fights? Sato vs that guy, the other guy vs the other guy. What happened to the Faric vs the other Por Pramuk guy?

    Why only the Final round of buakaw’s fights? I want to see why Buakaw took it so lightly on the 3rd round. What about that Korean fighter. He’s won his last 5 fights by knock out – He’s tall as fucc. Looks like a Sato style. WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!

  8. Bunzy….be happy Nopstar posted those fights u got to watch…lol….anyway he said to give him a couple of hours before he posts the other fights so let’s give the man a chance…..cuz trust me…I WANT MORE TOO!

  9. I dont think Buakaw is a master grappler it only take a few knee to the ribs, solar plex, or head to stop your opponent, dont get me wrong he’s good but he’s not a master

  10. The way Buakaw kept throwing Kohi down from the clinch in their first accounter, the way he kept people locked into his clinch while he kneed them over and over and over and over again, the way Japanese officials ran and banned extended clinching from K1 when they figured out that nobody had an answer to Buakaw’s clinching skills….well…not every can do it like him. As a matter of fact, nobody in the world max could do it like him, because if they could, they would have done it. Well I agree with you that he is not a master grappler ( until he ads some BJJ into his repertoire…lol), but his clinching is undeniably the best in world max. I’ve watched a couple of his bouts in Thailand…trust me…the boy is good.

  11. That shit is seriously scary. Buakaw didn’t even look like he was breathing hard, at all. That was like a Wednesday night sparring session for him, yet he was completely dominant. It took him like 1 minute to figure out Holzken couldn’t really hurt him, and then he just kept a couple notches above his level and cruised to victory. But it seems like he’s got SO much more in the tank if he needs to apply it.

    And I have to agree with SpydaMan: an organization doesn’t change the rules to basically level out the playing field for everyone else if your clinching skills aren’t great.

  12. Well I have to agree with you his clinch is the best in
    k-1 but even in other organization clinch is not allowed for a extended amount of time , yo gota get in there and work for position as fast as possible, thats why I call it grappling cause it is grappling. Personally I think Buakaw is aswome at clinch and knee but if he had more skill he could easily do major damage to his opponents very quickly. eg: curved knee to the head in this one

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