K-1 Max ’08 Elims – Kraus vs. Buakaw


Buakaw Por. Pramuk vs Albert Kraus

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Just got done watching the fight, I read your comments prior to watching and I have to say I don’t think they were far off.

Buakaw got himself into this position; I called the 1st a draw the 2nd round barely to Buakaw and finally the 3rd, barely to buakaw possibly draw…

I know you guys give me shit when I say that Buakaw is undisciplined in his fighting.  Now I’m not so sure if it’s Buakaw or his trainers?   Honestly I think its hubris… I think they think that Buakaw is so far ahead of any of the fighter in talent that he should just go out there and do his thing.  I don’t think they really form a clear strategy against their opponents, I think they have the confidence that Buakaw will just adapt and overcome.

Who told Buakaw to go out and box with Kraus?  Would Souwer have gone out and try to box with Kraus?  I doubt it, I think Souwer would have managed his distance, worked leg kicks, and when the opportunity was right, he would have peppered Kraus with Body shots…

Buakaw’s strength is his kicking; he has an ability to close the distance on his opponents when they least expect it.  They throw a right cross and eat his left kick… all day.  In the 1st round I’m like WTF why are you boxing with Kraus?  In the second round he looked a little more like himself utilizing his left kick and playing more to his strengths.  Most of the time when Kraus got into punching distance he would score.  I admit they weren’t thrown with KO power, but they’re for points     and they work.

I think if Buakaw would have fought Souwer like this he would have been in trouble.

Ok on the whole conspiracy side.  I know for a fact that K-1 Management does have issues with the Por. Pramuk camp.  As with everything it comes down to money.  The Por.Pramuk camp wants more and the The FEG doesn’t want to part with it.   My source is the person who originally brought Buakaw into K-1.


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