K-1 Max ’08 Elims – Kraus vs. Buakaw


Buakaw Por. Pramuk vs Albert Kraus

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Just got done watching the fight, I read your comments prior to watching and I have to say I don’t think they were far off.

Buakaw got himself into this position; I called the 1st a draw the 2nd round barely to Buakaw and finally the 3rd, barely to buakaw possibly draw…

I know you guys give me shit when I say that Buakaw is undisciplined in his fighting.  Now I’m not so sure if it’s Buakaw or his trainers?   Honestly I think its hubris… I think they think that Buakaw is so far ahead of any of the fighter in talent that he should just go out there and do his thing.  I don’t think they really form a clear strategy against their opponents, I think they have the confidence that Buakaw will just adapt and overcome.

Who told Buakaw to go out and box with Kraus?  Would Souwer have gone out and try to box with Kraus?  I doubt it, I think Souwer would have managed his distance, worked leg kicks, and when the opportunity was right, he would have peppered Kraus with Body shots…

Buakaw’s strength is his kicking; he has an ability to close the distance on his opponents when they least expect it.  They throw a right cross and eat his left kick… all day.  In the 1st round I’m like WTF why are you boxing with Kraus?  In the second round he looked a little more like himself utilizing his left kick and playing more to his strengths.  Most of the time when Kraus got into punching distance he would score.  I admit they weren’t thrown with KO power, but they’re for points     and they work.

I think if Buakaw would have fought Souwer like this he would have been in trouble.

Ok on the whole conspiracy side.  I know for a fact that K-1 Management does have issues with the Por. Pramuk camp.  As with everything it comes down to money.  The Por.Pramuk camp wants more and the The FEG doesn’t want to part with it.   My source is the person who originally brought Buakaw into K-1.


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  1. Buakaw and those damn extra rounds……….Didn’t think it was necessary at all. Buakaw should have won an unanimous decision. Kraus was nipping the air for most of the fight and really only connected on a few uppercuts. Kraus’s kicks were pretty much ineffective whereas Sir. Por Pramuk’s looked like they buckled his knees. Buakaw’s medium kicks were pretty sharp early on but def. dulled in intensity in the later rounds. (Honestly I am worried about the pace/combinations Masato set and a rematch between the 2)

  2. What…the FUCK…was that??

    If I were Buakaw, I’d seriously consider quitting K1. That wasn’t his best performance, but he clearly won the fight in regulation. There was no need for that extra round. He not only has to win, but he basically has to decimate his opponent to get the decision.

    And what the fuck was the ref warning him so many times for? He wasn’t even the one initiating the clinch, but once it’s there he’s allow to try to position his arms to throw, right?

    Ah, fucking screw K1. Maybe they just want him to try to knock everyone out or something, and I’d be stoked if he just did that. ;)

  3. I’d really like to see Buakaw throw some hooks and uppercuts and then strike with the low kick. Also a good hook to the body would compliment his repertoire of strikes. Basically the judges are pushing him to hit opponents in the face more, lol

  4. Kraus was pretty damn mad about that!!

    Buakaw won the first three rounds on my count. I think Kraus is actually improving his repotoire of strikes more and more though.

  5. yeah, that didnt look like the most mature exit I’ve ever seen by a professional. Maybe there was a reason he had to leave fast..I hope.

  6. he was pissed about the decision. im sure most of the fighters know the bullshit behind japanese fighting leagues. not saying that this particular fight was a wrong decision

  7. LOL, even with a point deduction it was clearly a win for Buakaw after 3. Can’t stand K-1 anymore. I would have loved to see Buakaw laugh and walk away after they announced a 4th round.

  8. It is time for Thailand to send a new fighter to K-1. Try to choose a boxer. It seems kicking has no meaning at all. Buakaw already won the first three rounds. Damm..K1

  9. As I stated before, I’m not surprised about the decision. The guys will try anythin. Why would K1 allow two former World Max champions to meet at this point of the competition (hint: to allow another champion to have a better chance to reach the final….and I’m not talkin about Souwer either…lol). Conspiracy!!!

  10. What. The. F*#k?

    Buakaw dominated the whole 3 rounds. Those kicks to the legs and body were nasty.

    What I do not understand is why K-1 does not want Buakaw to do well? Obviously they’d prefer Masato winning, but isn’t Buakaw popular as well? He’s the reason I’ve bothered to watch K-1 the past years.

  11. Lost respect for Kraus, btw. I can’t think of what type of human being other than a cheap bitch would walk away like that and give no respect at all to his opponent.

  12. I don’t know but it look to me like he wasn’t taking it very seriously at all. More like sparring. Didn’t K-1 phase out elbows and clinching?? WTFSF??!? I am starting to feel the need to protest and/or boycott K-1.


  13. The Japanese judges are biased. Buakaw all 3 rounds. Kraus was punching the air alot. Buakw got in some counter punches. Most imporatntly he was getting alot of kicks in on kraus. The Judges are STUPID. Kraus is an IDIOT. K1 is getting lame because it’s so obvious when the judges are fixed.

  14. I actually thought that Kraus won that extra round….yes, i agree with you guys that Buakaw won the first three…I can see why Kraus was pissed…..I really think the judges got the decision the other way around…

  15. buakaw is getting predictable.

    and the hubris thing may be a part of the problem too, i feel. damn, i thought this guy was going to be above it.

    yeah, i heard the same thing about buakaw’s promoter too.. they want more from K-1.

  16. Souvik…..Samkor was predictable too..(left kick, left kick, left kick, left kick….lol)….It’s just that sometimes…even though u kno it’s comin there’s still isn’t much u can do about it…lol.

    I don’t agree wit Krauss’ reaction at the end of the fight but I do understand it…..he thought he won, this was supposed to be their rubber match and he lost, he was wondering why he had to fight Buakaw so soon…(When Masato was given Kalakoda, Sato was given Murat). I would be pissed too but still he should have been a bigger man.

  17. Wasn’t exactly the best fight I ever saw. Was pretty boring and undetermined.
    Have to disagree with Nop, have to agree with majority.
    Kraus did absolutely nothing. 2 uppercuts and that’s it. Good defense, but that’s all. What’s with a point deduction? Lame.
    Buakaw should try delivering more combinations or at least more low-kicks.

    Buakaw isn’t kicking as back days, maybe because his legs are too damaged is this possible?
    It’s obvious he was injured here, check him limping at the end of the fight at 16:40. Anyone?

  18. being a buakaw nuthugger for life, i actually sympathize with kraus this time. yeah, he got just a couple of good uppercuts in, but buakaw didn’t get too many convincing shots in either — just his typical middle kicks to see him through another day at the office!

    yeah, i noticed that limp too, gusnark.. hope its nothing serious. his legs are his money maker.

    buakaw has beautiful, textbook muay thai. he’s learnt some good boxing too. but he really *needs to evolve* further in terms of combos, if he’s going to outclass the competition like in 2004.

  19. the reason they keep giving buakaw point deductions is because they want him to stop doing muaythai and just trade punches with Kraus. hoping he will make a mistake and get knockout somehow.
    but Buakaw is to smart for that.
    but I do think he might want to throw some more long knees in there both Kraus and Masato are prime target for those thecniques.

  20. buakaw won all three rounds, the judges only went to a 4th round cuz buakaw was getting sloppy at the 3rd round, and the judges were actually doing kraus a favor to see if kraus can knock buakaw out in the 4th round but nope, kraus is too much of a whining bitch pussy who couldnt pull off a knockout in the 4th when the judges gave him a chance, anyone who has seen the masat0 vs buakaw 2007 fight knows buakaw can be outpunched and maybe even ko’ed so thats why the judges went to the 4th round to give kraus a chance to knock buakaw out

  21. Some people point to all the blocked kicks as a reason why the first 3 rounds were close and why Kraus allegedly ‘won the extra round easy’. Fact is, Kraus didn’t land many punches at all, esp. in the 3rd. Brushing Buakaw with a thumb, making his head shake by hitting his right glove w an uppercut or barely making contact as Buakaw recoils are not a scoring punches.
    On top of all the kicks to the arms, Buakaw matched Kraus in the low kick department, landed some of his own punches and got in a few knees and middles that were not blocked. People who are screaming robbery are either only scoring punches or being duped by Kraus’ theatrics.

  22. I think it’s fucking lame of Kraus to freak out after the extra round was called when it was Buakaw who should have been pissed off. Buakaw won every round and should have been on his way to the locker for a nice refreshing glass of grapefruit juice at that point.

  23. I don’t think that many people are screaming robbery on Kraus’ behalf; I think most people are screaming robbery on Buakaw’s behalf that it even had to go to an extra round. At least the judges finally did give him the win.

  24. wow did you all see Kraus run away crying Come on buddy !!!
    Buakaw WON that fight hands down ! ! !
    Like I said before Buakaw 2008 World Max Champ Juuuuuust watch !

  25. Just watching it again, I think a lot of Kraus’ punches that looked good didn’t actually land solid, because Buakaw just rolled with a lot of those punches.

    I really don’t get to see much of Buakaw outside of K-1. Does he still fight Muay Thai in Thailand/anywhere else or does he have to protect his body for the moneymaking K-1 machine?

  26. The management team of K-1 definitely just wants to mess around with Buakaw and his gym. The whole fight looked to me that Buakaw was just sparring. Kraus’ punches were weak, TOUCH to earn points. He had no compete with Buakaw at all.

    Personally I feel very sorry to Kraus. The extra round gave him hope and he fought more aggressively for that, and Buakaw wasn’t trying to fight hard at all. I would gave my 3 rounds to Buakaw and the extra for Kraus.

    Come on, K-1! Please don’t make yourself look stupid!!!

  27. Well, with everything being said, What is the highest paying organization/purse when it comes to stand-up fighting?
    K-1? WBC? Muay Thai in Thailand ( I dont think so ), ISKA? S-1? W-something is Europe? Others?
    I have no idea………. please enlighten.

  28. 1) Buakaw won, no doubt.
    2) The japanese DO NOT want a thai champion. They want Masato be champion, with his great face, great money maker for them. If K-1 wanted really good fighters, they would just bring some other talented fighters from Thailand. They just tolerate Buakaw, as he “represents thailand” but there are better fighters in thailand than Buakaw.
    3) the referee keep pressuring Buakaw , by subtracting points, to make him start boxing.
    4) the judges don’t seem to count the kicks to the arm which are “slightly” blocked, this is a big flaw in K-1 and european scoring. Kicking the arms, byceps, are very painful and effective.
    5) Buakaw was in some sort of pain at the end of the fight, I saw him wincing in pain.
    6) Buakaw should fight Malaipet. That jamaica fight,Malaipet vs Yodsanklai, is a big time BS. First, Malaipet cannot fight Yod, second, its just a stupid marketing ploy, last minute the fightcard will change.

  29. I thought BPP would have learned by now that all those kicks are useless in K1 OMG!. Kicks that land on the arms are pretty much uncounted in K1, throwing punches in the air count a ton more for god sakes!. K1 rules i would have to say Buakaw won that one barely, too many kicks from BPP.

  30. Pauly, those kicks made BPP what he is today. This is (was) his main weapon and should stick to it (front + side kick combinations). Actually switching style’s made him more vulnerable.

  31. strong-boy… and?
    Watched the fight again… pretty disappointed over his performance.
    We all remember BPP kicking the shit out of Masato in 2004. Don’t know where’s the problem. His trainers? He lost motivation? Injuries? Must be something.

  32. I agree..i pretty think that Buakaw lost confidence to fight close range in K-1 coz he can’t only use his lousiest weapon….no elbows, no clinch+knees… and yes, he does look as if he was moving rather slowly…not enjoying fighting like he used to… *maybe low salary does make the worker slack?* i reli start to question Por Pramuk gym’s management of Buakaw…dun waste his talent…

  33. I give regular time victory to Buakaw, but Kraus had the better of the fight in the extra round, so i can understand his dissapointment.

    In the end Buakaw only threw middle kicks against guard/arms.

    though i do feel they need to give points for these kicks.

  34. after watching weeks of contender Asia.. K-1 is lame.. they are playing out all the fighters. And Buakaw is to good for these fools.. But i think this is his pay check so he has to keep doing it and put up with the BS…

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