K-1 GP Fukouka


I don’t normally give GP too much coverage, but hey… we’re gearing up for MAX and besides I like Hari… I think he’s the only fighter left of the heavyweights whose worth watching.

Badri Hari vs. Glaube Feitosa

[youtube nBqiz8xRhFU]

It’s seems to me Hari’s put on some weight.  Looks bigger then I remember him being.

Anyway the other reason I found this worth sharing is that I can’t stand Feitosa.  I think Feitosa is slowing down… dude’s been in the game for a while.  It’s strange to watch this; Hari’s kicks are just so much faster… doesn’t even look like they are in the same league.


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  1. You don’t like Feitosa? Hmm… he’s is still better than majority of fighters there.

    But I agree that Hari was on a different level here. Damn, didn’t expect to end up so quickly. I thought this was going to be a tough and hard 3-round fight.
    Hari is on fire, he’s definitely no.1 to watch in heavyweight division. I noticed gained weight also, but he’s is still super fast and flexible.
    This year, if he fights Remy, he will win for sure!

  2. “This year, if he fights Remy, he will win for sure!”…Oh boy, here we go!!!
    Let’s stop with the assumptions. Remy was always my fav K1 fighter (aside from Hoost). Hari comes next and then……….well I don’t like anybody else but those 3.
    Remy will win…because I said he will and my word is LAW!!!…That’s the end of this conversation.

    Feitosa got owned…BADLY, Hari got a lil chubby on us, he did gained weight (I guess that comes with age) Thank GOD I was blessed wit a super fast metabolism….hehehe. I just want someone to KNOCK SEMMY THE FUCK OUT ALREADY!!!! DAMN IT!!!!

  3. Spyda, take it easy bro. :)
    Remy is great, but I believe he’s becoming lazy (old?), while Hari is simply on fire and getting better and stronger.

    I agree about someone knocking the shit out of Schilt.

  4. Badr Hari is the shiznit right now…JLB, Aerts, Feitosa, they’re getting old and not as exciting as they used to be (it’s quite sad actually).

    hate him, like him, he sucks, they suck…WHATEVER!

    someone just please cripple that freak of nature Schilt. The fact that he’s held onto that GP title for so long is a disgrace.

    out of 6 billion people on this earth, there has to be at least ONE person who can stop him…please.

  5. This fight is a good example of coming out carefully after knocking your opponent down. Come out like your ass is on fire and you’re likely to get caught (and maybe even knocked out) yourself. Come out careful with the knowledge that a wounded animal is a dangerous animal and you’re likely to end the fight.

    It’s too bad Remy’s slowing down. He’s always been my favorite of the heavyweights…

  6. Matt Lucas…..how about me, you, Gusnark and Nop all get together and jump him……SHIT…Maybe Tong Po can give us some help….lol.

  7. I have been practicing my kick to da balls, or nutcrusher 2008, as I like to call it for the last 6 months. I think my crushing ability will last at least into ’09. I’m game. I’ll be the secret weapon!

    matt lucas

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