Jordan Watson vs. Aikpracha Meenayothin

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Published on December 18, 2012 with 10 Comments

Many thanks to the Siangboxing for taking the time to upload and share.  This bout took this last weekend in Bangkok.  I think this is the first time these two have met.  Jordan aka “Quadzilla” fights out of Bad Company in Leeds and  is one of my favorite fighters.

He’s taken some of the best Thai’s around, (Yodsanklai, Buakaw, Saiyok, et al) has done very well against all of them.   has been around for a while but really made a name for himself fighting internationally.  He’s got a very agressive almost careless fighting style… he isn’t afraid to trade with opponents.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of Aikpracha and Jordan.

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  1. damn, love both of these fighters. jordan looked gassed, moreso than aikpracha.q

  2. Aikprachas a beast! I really wanna train at meenayothin next time I go out to Thailand. Would love to spar/clinch him. Props to Jordan for brining it!

  3. Its funny that Watson has his hands so low. He’s so “Thai” in comparison to Aikpracha whose hands are up high all the time. Aikpracha is a pretty cunning fighter. Good bout.

  4. aparantly, I read on another site, that Eakpraha and the thai contingent cheated at the weigh in and he was at least 2kg heavier than Watson, and still got the world title?! Jordan Watson has got to be one of the best forign nak muay out there, and he really fought a tough hard fight hear, but I though aekpracha was quite easily ahead the whole fight.Still really good strong aggressive, fan pleasing scrap!

  5. Great performance by Watson! Hope he finally wins for a time. Has he actually ever beaten a Thai component?

    • let’s keep things in perspective. He’s 25 and he’s been going up against elite nak muay… (and doing well) not fat cabbies from patong.

      • I hope this will come in time, yes! I only think it must be frustrating to deliver great fights against great opponents, but not cash in with some wins.

        • it still validates him as a good, solid, competent fighter who can hang with the BEST of them in his weight class. im sure he takes that with him every fight. if he was hell bent on just getting wins he can EASILY fight nobodies. but i dont think thats jordans mentality.

  6. component=opponent, lol

  7. Aekpracha did an awesome job of nullifying Jordan’s right kick. Very different to when he and Saiyok fought which was very close.

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