Jordan Watson Thai Fight Interview


I had a chance to catch up with Jordan Watson prior to his Fight with Hassan at Thai Fight.  This is my second interview with Jordan, and what you see is pretty much what you get with Jordan.  He’s easy going and constantly messing about.  There was a point where both he and Buakaw were warming up for their respective fights.  People were taking shots of Buakaw, and Jordan kept trying to photo bomb buakaw… such a clown.

He might be clowning backstage, but when he gets his game face on quadzilla’s got some skills.  It’s a shame they didn’t air his fight, if you didn’t catch it here you go.  I was in the photo pit next to Liam and Andy… like a complete rookie, I was adjusting my camera when he lands that vicious head kick.  Props to Hassan… he didn’t know where the hell he was but was able to hold it together. Props to Team Nassar, for producing such high caliber nak muay.

Per the interview, I would love to see a UK vs. USA match up.  Think it would be a great event, NYC and London.  I would also like to see the Team USA vs. UK Drink off and Dance off.

Can we make this happen?

Round 1

[youtube eDVUlck9N9o 590]

Round 2

[youtube gbvh1cBKo0A 590]

Round 3

[youtube R4J4AHHk_J0 590]


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